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I will.

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*Me sounds immature.* Sorry.

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Would an actual Hasbro employee make so many grammatical errors throughout the letter? Maybe, but I would think they would:

1. Know how to spell "Scootaloo".
2."Please confirm to "me"" it should be "us" in regard to Hasbro as a whole. "me" should immature.
3. Button and Button Mash are fan names and even though the character is official, he would not be referred to that as such.
4. Registered trademark symbols appear after some of the all caps words, but not all.
5. No user avatar, seriously?

I'm going to say FAKE!
If not,
Dearest Hasbro, I found this show through FAN ANIMATIONS and have purchased over $1,500 worth of your merchandise, so by deleted Jan's work I will NEVER spend another RED CENT on ANYTHING you may ever have to offer EVERY AGAIN. Go to Tartarus.
_Most sincerely, Sonyfox, aka a very angry and dissapointed Brony.

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Pink Celestia!

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A paperclip and a piece of string.

Alternately, Gak. Yeah, I went there.

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I'm still as isolated and alone as much I was when I started watching back in January of 2010.

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But... why?

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Me too, and I had a lot to spend. Several hundred in fact.