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I quite agree,as long as the BNP, an established political party ,distances themselves from such groups and such actions. You can choose to confront on the streets or you can choose the ballot box, the two don't mix well when nationalism is involved.
Hardened football firms have already refused to join in this particular group because they can smell police/newspaper involvement.

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There are already warning signs,splits and mud slinging.Some casual groups have met and decided that Casuals United maybe infiltrated by either police or press and that is could be a set up for a big anti BNP smear campaign if they can connect the two.Proceed with utmost caution in showing outright support or run the risk of being involved in smears that could damage the BNP.The election of two MEP's puts the party at greater risk of internal conflict caused by infiltraitors or links to other groups.
Certainly have my moral support at this stage though.

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Took myself,wife,daughter and son-in-law to vote,picked up father and two friends and took them to vote,three first time voters and all BNP-good luck everybody,your country really does need YOU to vote BNP today.

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Brilliant work by Lee Barnes,not so long ago the"Scum" newspaper would have got away with it.
The best way we can all fight back is not to buy any "news" papers and if needed,view online.

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Really pleased to see how quickly the British National Party have responded to these vile and nasty smears.

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I don't think it will win any awards,Nick was excellent,the first guy nervous,but what did strike me was how normal it was-there are hundreds of thousands of voters out there who believe we have two heads and eat babies for breakfast so i think it worked on a level that will make a percentage of voters actually look at the BNP as a genuine political alternative.

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absolutely sterling work,its like a BNP "hearts and minds" crusade.

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fantastic effort and just shows what hard work and a clever stratagy can achieve-well done to everyone concerned.

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Anyone reading this who is undecided about who to vote for, needs to bookmark the website and visit every day for real news-you won't get any truth in the media, your MP's and councellors are out for what they can get and are quite happy to sell YOUR country down the EU drain. There are hundreds,possibly thousands of BNP members working day and night to turn this country round and to help the party gain seats in June-your country needs you-vote BNP,join the BNP and become active in the BNP.

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You cannot help but be impressed with the progress of the party-seize the moment.