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I'm glad to see all the kind loving tolerant lefties expressing their condolences to the Breitbart family at this time - even thought Breitbart was a white guy who was not deserving of left-wing compassion.

They're a class act all the way!

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This is a true tragedy. God bless you AB.
We will carry on your spirit and your work and love of country.
Breitbart became a conservative when he finally saw what the real world is like.
His transformation is a great lesson for us and he made a great contribution for the cause of true freedom - today's conservative movement!

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Until this walking-talking symbol of hypocritical affirmative-action "entitlement" can scale down her own appetites, maybe Michelle Antoinette should just keep her fat mouth shut.

A tall order indeed for these White House Occupiers.

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Anything can be political in context. If some people surrounding Whitney Houston had enough morals and decency to help her - even if it was tough love - there is no reason for so much self-inflicted pain in our society. Instead, the gutter immorality and liscentiousness of our culture today permits almost anything in the name of freedom. Yet when conservatives who are self-reliant, law-biding, peaceful and positive people ask for more freedom in society, they are treated like heretics.

Whitney Houston's life and death are a reflection of lefty morals and lack of personal standards. The left wing culture is a destructive nihilistic existance until it ultimately burns out - AND LEFTISM WILL DEFINITELY BURN OUT!

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Today's WSJ has an article which succiencly described liberalism as well. It's titled "The Libertine Police State".

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David Brock is an unethical, erratic, scheming, lying twerp. In other words, he's a liberal!

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This is all part of the process. We shouldn't take it so seriously. the participants know this is just a process.

For my part, the believe in the end it will be Romney and I just hope that he will show the same tenacity and roughness against Obama (when we really need it). We can't afford another candidate campaigning with kid gloves for fear of being called names by the mainstream media.

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Here's an observation without any code words. Sheila Jackson-Lee is a stupid and loathsome woman.

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If Obama ever did run a business, it would be Solyndra.

The only thing both of them are good at is consuming taxpayer money on themselves.

The end is near for leeches like them.

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I wish I had the option of voting for Sarah Palin. Go Sarah Go!
We love you and we know you are sincere and right on the issues.