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Before Glenn comes out with the story about the new DHS report detailing YOU as a terrroist, his 'breaking' news will again be old news. and already broke the story. I wonder if this post will be censored also.

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...and I can see that their marketing campaign works for you. I wouldn't be suprised if the network didn't send some intern out to buy those shoes for him to change into on the set. I'm sure you'll see just how fresh that breath will be and just how far this non-conformity will go as soon as the Republicans are back in power. Look at the facts...these same people, during the election were demonizing Ron Paul at worst and at best ejecting him from the debates despite his popularity among voters and his record breaking fund-raising. Now they try to relate to him as if he just appeareared out of nowhere. Why do I keep mentioning Ron Paul? He started the liberty movement. He's been the only one defending the Consitution the whole time. Mr. All-Stars and Anne didn't start until after their dried up, dull, over compromising McCain lost his a** in the election. Thery're trying to cash in...period.

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The only difference between Alex Jones of and and the millionaire syndicated columnists and broadcasters of the corporate news channels is that Alex Jones has been the only one consistantly telling the truth and reporting on things you're not supposed to know, even when 'W' was in power. Just mark my soon as the elephant party is back in power, it'll be back to the "no questions, blind loyalty" for your favorite news channel. You didn't expect anything too risque from a multi-billion dollar global news conglomerate did you? Is wearing a sports jacket, blue jeans, and All-Star sneakers suppossed to give you ultimate legitimacy with the common folk?? Gimme a break.

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Career politicians should never be trusted because they have careers to protect. Once the State govt.'s are reclaimed, then the beauty of the 10th Amendment comes into play. The insturment of the State can then be used to defend the Constitution. Federal laws/programs that violate the Constitution can then be nullified by the State(s). This can only be done however with the People taking an active role in the political life of their States. If this means running for office, fine. If this means helping someone run, fine. If this means getting in the streets and demonstrating, fine. Just lets do something. 'Evil prevails when good men do nothing'.

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A massive Tea Party in DC is needed, at least 1 million people. State capitol Tea Parties are necessary as well. If there's one thing we need to learn from the Constitution is that there is a 10th Amendment. We don't have to worry about trying to uncorrpt Washington. All we have to do is take back control of our own States. We need to march on State capitols replace officials by electing more liberty-minded reps. In doing this we should not fall back into the same old trap of running back to the Republican Party, which WILL ,and always does betray us. It's time to get politically radical and put Libertarians or Independants or even proclaimed 'Ron Paul Republicans' in office.

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It tells me that you do what it wait a while and go back. Then you vote some more if you want.

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And he referred to the Constitution as 'just a gd piece of paper'. Who cares if you was gracious and kind if he butchered the Constitution.

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Meet my maker? Lol. Do you think I'm gonna get in trouble with god for saying something bad about him being included in the pledge. How much more elementary reasoning can you pile in a post?? Simple beliefs for simple minds I suppose. Maybe he should call the Treasury Dept. and apply for a bailout. He's by far done the worst job as a CEO than anyone at AIG. I further suggest that you become a student of history and you'll see Christianity for what it is...just another religion using the same old stories and boogymen. Do you know how many flood myths and virgin birth myths propped up other religions long before Judaism?? Same myths, same joke, same mind-crippling effects, just different characters.

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Man I need to start proof reading what I right. I have a degree in English, you'd think I could do better.

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Sorry to intrude upon your narrow world view where only liberals and neocons live, but I'm not what you would characterize as a 'liberal'. If being a Conservative means that I think the Constitution exists to usurped by bible thumpers wanting to push their aganda backed up by myths of the Founders creating a Christian nation, then I guess I'm not one of those either. As far as you god and country, these two things would be nothing without the Constitution. Go back to sunday school and judge the world from their. You neocons are just as damaging to Liberty as liberals. You have both polarized political life to the point that you spend hundreds of millions every four years just so you can get you guy in and shove you world view down the throats of the other faction.