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Politics is under pinned by a concept called the separation of powers made up of:
A) Executive
B) Legitlature and
C) The Judiciary
They work to maintain checks and balances. However, it should be noted that the media is often regarded as the 4th arm in the separation of powers in contemporary political studies. Their independence necessary for democracy, independent views, and encouraged good governance.

That makes a member of the executive purchasing controlling interest in a mechanism of the media a problem.

just sayin...

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It is also easier to criticize when you are on the other side.

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I don't disagree that the sister is trying to justify lawlessness. But everybody knows that crime is major problem, and has been for a long time. This isn't the only administration struggling with the crime problem.

But when in opposition you said:
1) "The government can" handle crime
2) if elected you going to show a major reduction in 120 days

Come on.....

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Yuh know what crazy. Must be two pages into the express our Minister of National Security trying to convince the public that, "THINGS (CRIME) AIN'T SO GRIM" or something so.

This not making sense.

Just sayin......

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You need to tell the PP Gov. that, so that they could give 3 Canal some some of what they keep giving Machel for doing absolutely nuttin. Well, not exactly nutting, he convert 'Bottle of Rum" to "We are Champions" and added Jamaica's Beenie Man to the mix. I guess that is why he is considered a "Brilliant Artist"

Just saying.........

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Every administrating does this most amazing song and dance to the public. But I must admit, I have never seen an administration with such a powerful and effective marketing machinery as the PP Gov. Right or wrong, they always have a statement.

More than that, how everybody have different statistics and numbers. The PP have some numbers, the media have their numbers, Dr. Rowley say he have his private database, I guess the CSO might have some numbers too....

So how much people really get killed?

Ah wonder if they know, "Who Killed Roger Rabbit?"

One thing, that statement that, "THINGS AIN'T SO GRIM" not making any trini feels safer.

Just saying.....

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AhTriniToo said it above, "Insurance another vampire clan".

They have a fancy term they like to use. They call these disasters, "ACTS OF GOD". So they don't pay for that unless you have an enhanced special perils clause and pay plenty money. Plenty people crying now for sure, cause all them premiums gone and is salt for dem.

Is licks sharing right around.....

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It is interesting that you asked that question. The Sports Minister does use he budget for other things, like bringing Nicki Minaj to Trinidad for concerts. We real sad yes....

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Agreed, and Jack know that too. So he had to be the one that pilot this whole 'constructive resignation' thing. He have to put somebody there that he could manipulate.

They feel trinis dunce yes. All them lies they telling, and like they forget since GATE everybody get bright.

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Unfortunately, the fuel subsidy also acts as a buffer against some inflationary pressures in the system. ALL MASS TRANSIT, TRANSPORT, and DELIVERY mechanisms run on diesel.
Diesel is the cheapest way to move product and people.
a) PTSC Buses,
b) Maxi Taxis,
c) Haulers of Containers
d) Water Taxi,
e) Tobago Ferry, etc

So removing the subsidy also means, that Bermudez, Kiss, Blue Waters, Colgate, Matouks prices up, groceries, taxi fare, everything that relies on transport of raw materials, finished good and people, which means EVERYTHING UP!

We already fighting to curb our current inflation, and don't forget we also heading into a food security crisis as America faces their worse drought since 1956 in the midwest farming region, and have already stared to curb exports and increase prices.

While I don't agree with the subsidy 100%, I think this is a tough decision. Several competing macro-economic goals must be addressed. Some geared toward concepts of stability and confidence. Some towards growth and diversification.

Just Saying.....