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Rainbow Dash doesn't think things out. She's impulsive and acts without thoughts to the consequences.

I suspect it's because Rainbow Dash is an orphan. If she is, the loss of any 'family' would be profoundly disturbing to get, especially if this is the first time Tank's hibernated. Her brain is full of cortisol and she doesn't know how to handle it.

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Holy crap... It's the Project Horizon's theme song!

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I hope she comes back for 3-4 more episodes as she works her way through the plot. I could see her in the season finale stealing Celestia and Luna's cutie marks. Cutiepox showed that a pony can have multiple talents after all.

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::Laughs:: Good sir, you are contemplating a 1.6 million word long review. If you wish to do so, then by all means, but it's not entirely necessary. I've gotten lots of feedback from a variety of sources, including some unfriendly ones, to help me. Even Seraphem is useful at times, though I'd feel his criticisms would be more valid if he actually read the thing rather than spewing off his own coction of hear say.

Also... batcow... I am afraid to Google...

Anyway, if you want to make the effort then I'd be glad to hear your thoughts. I'm particularly interested on things post 33. Lots of people comment that that was the part where things went weird, but I've never really been able to pin down on what precisely I did wrong to turn off so many people. Entirely up to you though. ^.^

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Since I write Horizons, I can tell you.

First of all, the story is huge. Not just long, but huge. When I started writing, I had no idea just how big this thing was. If I had ideas, I just threw them in because they appealed to me. This, in addition to the main ideas, created a lot of story cancer. I also can not simply have a scene transition, and so I have lots of description of stuff that happens on the way. There are three major stories just mashed together and playing out more or less at the same time, with the main plot often being put on the back burner. For instance, it takes 20 chapters for Blackjack to figure out what the big deal is about her pipbuck, and more than forty five chapters after that before she finally learns what Project Horizons actually is supposed to do.

Secondly, the story is over the top. When I came up with the main premise of Horizons, I really didn't have a grasp of the 'power level' that's Fallout. Blackjack the protagonist has slowly climbed up the power ladder all the way to 11. This is in response to her enemies increasing in power all the way to 11. I often describe horizons as being more "Final Fantasy" in scope than "Fallout" This was simply due to my own lack of understanding what a fallout story should be. If I'd been more aware and a better writer, I would have fundamentally altered the story and changed certain things.

Third, I'm an ambitious writer and I like to write literature. I also like using anime references in various scenes since I love the genre. I also like realistic stories dealing with the harsh realities of post apocalyptic worlds. I also like sexy scenes. This results in a melange of writing scenes that can very rapidly turn people off. My writing style underwent a shift after chapter 33 and many people were turned off by it. It wasn't intentional so much that my own life changed and I took the story in bold directions that might not have been best explored. The story is very dark. It has raw scenes. I write post apocalyptica as a bad place where bad things happen to everyone, including the heroes.

Fourth: While I tried to stay true to the canon, I eventually strayed. I tried to keep dovetailed with FoE, but over many years of writing, PH has drifted into its own thing and there are those who, not unrightly so, think its better experienced as an AU story than one happening with a canon FoE. People have this problem to varying degrees. Largely its simply a product of the story going on for so damn long.

Fifth: I really like exploring gaps in the original story. I fill those gaps with my own explanations and reasonings. Some folks like them and some don't.

Also, take in mind that Seraphem hasn't read Horizons, and never will. That hasn't stopped him from dragging a personal disagreement out and inflating it to Brobdingnagian proportions. I would be interested in your opinion as a fresh reader. Horizons won't be my last story, and I'd like to know what to do better for my next one.

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I'd just want to talk with Tiara. Find out why she is the way she is. Learn about how she got her cutie mark. Her hopes, dreams, and fears. Find out what her issues with the CMC really is... because I know it's not their cutiemarks. After all, if they got their marks, would she suddenly be nice and friendly with them? No. Why is she so assertive and driven at times? What happened with her mother? Is she gone? Mean? Neglectful?

then I'd give her a hug and tell her it will be alright. That things usually get better, and they she doesn't have to be so sad, scared, or angry all the time. That hating the CMC's isn't worth her hurting herself and driving others away. That she can be happy without it being at the expense of someone else's happiness.

She'd probably hate me for it. She'd probably hurt me for it. But hopefully she'd be the better for it. It's how we treat the people we don't like that says more about us than them.

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I don't think Faust would have objected to Twilight becoming a princess... in season six or seven. The fact is that the arc pacing for seasons 2-4 has been pretty abrupt, with season 3 being bad. It was too much, too big, in too short a season. I also think she would have Axed Merryweather Williams right about the episode 'Dragon Quest.'

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If Sunset is coming back, then she needs to be a prominent character. I think her attitude and personality meshes well with the mane 6 and it'd be interested to see her reintegration. For instance, we can get more background on her, which can enrich her character even more. Also, with Twilight now the Princess of Friendship, it might be possible that she's no longer the element of magic. Luna and Celestia both are cut off from the elements. Maybe Sunset could take over? And it allowed MLP to evolve past Twilight, which I know few people want, but really she's running out of road at this rate and the only way to keep the party going is to shift focus from her to someone else. (This is why I didn't want alicornification till season four or five. There were so many stories possible for unicorn twilight!)

I don't want her to make a cameo. If they're keeping her in the EQG, so be it. No problem. But letting her hop back and forth makes the separation pretty meaningless. Is human pinkie going to be making cameos too? Is pony Rarity going to hop over to give human Rarity a hand and check out human designs?

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I'm going to be there.

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I'm gonna finish! I am! I swear...

::Bawls:: Why does it have to be so big and terrible?!