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While the forum is open to all for discussion, if people are not willing to use the opportunity to express their God given right in a civil manner, there is no real need for them to waste their time by simply being rude or impersonating each others rather than exchange views. Thus we are strongly opposed to people who are just impersonating others just for whatever reason thus we reserve the right to delete their comment(s) or even block them from the forum/discussion board.

We encourage people to have civil debates that's why the system is there but there is no point really if your just going to waste your time impersonating others, thus your IP will be blocked for good.

We discourage this sort of behavour.

Thank You.

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This story is hoax, Mohamud Aar just wanted to see your reactions. The reaction has been amazing some of you calling for the downing of the helicopter that does not exist. Happy April Fools guys! There is no such thing as Ikihara Press and the “reporter” Sloof Lirpa is actually April Fools written backwards.

Remember, keep your comments clean and please use the social media buttons above to share and spread our stories. Join our growing Twitter account which has most Somaliland government members, civil servants, business leaders, etc.

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Somalilandpress is always here for those in need, we are the voice of the unrepresented and the forgotten. We will follow on with Nimco and those in similar situations.

In the meantime, you may ask Mr Farhan (Oday) all the information your require he is happy to provide.

It's good that so many of you care and we are always engaged with our people because like you and you, we are people too.

Thank you for visiting and please continue to ask us to improve.

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Have your say - do you think the pirates have gone too far this time and are taking desperate measures by kidnapping old people?

Originally most Somalis sympathized with pirates because foreign vassals either over fished or dumped toxic wastes, but what about these two old people?

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Please have your say - do you feel Saudia imposed livestock sanction on Somalia-Somaliland so it could impose its own hardliners on the Somali people like today's Al Shabab? Now that they have achieved that it's time to lift the sanction. What is your view?

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It was never deleted just calm down, give it some time to appear or refresh your browser by hitting CTRL + F5. :)

As long as comments are clean and everyone respects themselves, there is no reason to delete them, please read our terms of use.

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Hello Jesse, thank you for your feedback and suggestion, however the ad you talking about isnt one that we are display but its being pulled by google adsense based on keywords picked from the story. Every time it will be different ad.

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There seems to be a problem with our third-party commenting system, we will give them few days to fix this, if this problems continue we will go back to our old normal commenting system. Please be patient we have not disabled and we are aware of this issue.

If you register I believe you can comment.

Thank you.

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Abdi Aw-Gass we accidentally deleted your comment, our apologies please do add your feedback - I thought it was a repeat. Thanks, we also encourage if your regular user to register like Somalilander, Jubba and monaadam, it only takes 30 seconds. Once you register you can follow each others comments.