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Can't get over Bush can you....please seek the way we are in far worse shape now than we were with Bush.

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I'd give Bush 4 more years any day, over that incompetent joker we have in the White House now.

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why all the thumbs down? Such feeble minded people who still believe he is The Great One...lmao...idiots!!

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awww u hurt someones feelings..they gave u thumbs down....hard to believe there are imbeciles who still worship Odumbo. People can say all they want about GW Bush, but Obumblingidiot makes him look like a genius. +100

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I agree..there is currently a ban on smoking in bars and restaurants, therefore casinos should not be exempt. The smoking ban is not going away for bars and restaurants (hasn't hurt business at all, by the way), so now the right thing to do is to extend the ban to casinos. As you said, makes no sense to have the ban for bars and not casinos.

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I think getajob needs to get a sense of smell. I go to Riverside all the time and there is ALWAYS a smoky haze around the table games....even drifts over to the no-smoking tables, of which there are very few, if any, depending on the day.

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and non-smokers have a right to gamble in a smoke-free environment where they are not placing their health in jeopardy. As it is now, non-smokers must either give up casino gambling or put up with the smoke, and "smoke-free sections" offer little protection.

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Right or wrong, there IS a smoking ban in effect in Iowa that includes all bars and restaurants.....therefore it is UNFAIR to exempt casinos from the ban, therefore.....bring on the ban for casinos too! It makes no logical sense (other than financial gain) for them to be exempt. The guy with the Iowa Gaming Commission saying that there are non-smoking areas in the casinos, and ventilating systems...well, that argument is a joke. Smokers may be restricted to the smoking areas, but the SMOKE isn't!

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Listening to the scanner traffic the officer called in his birthdate as 10/31/65, thus making him 45, and most likely the same guy with the criminal history on Iowa Courts Online.

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Comment like that could only come from a lowlife sit-down comic wannabe.