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Actually, I think you're misreading it, it's a lot more reasonable! That $8.99 set is 5 /packs/, not five cards. Each pack contains 4 normal cards, one standee or foil card, and a tattoo, plus a sweepstakes entry code! So it's essentially $50 for 150 cards if you buy the big box, about 33 cents each.

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Hah! Ever since the Humble Brony Bundle got him to watch a few episodes by out-donating him, I knew this was inevitable! The show hooks you in, everyone comes back for "just one more episode" eventually! Welcome to the Herd, Notch.

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Derpy is about to grab a metal tray of muffins directly out of the hot oven. Think about that...

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*Shudder* A clone army of Pinkie Pies? Forget Discord, the sheer amount of chaos that would unleash upon the world would make /him/ tremble in fear. This is going to be good.

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If De Lancie really is returning to MLP, I could only see him as Discord, his voice on another character would just seem out of place. The fact that there is now a significant chance Discord will return in a future episode raises so many interesting possibilities, I can't wait to see what his role ends up being.

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I almost passed by #1, I gave it a glance, figured it was yet another over-played Derpy song made in response to all the drama I'd really rather just forget about. Then I realized it was by Tarby. Now I'm sitting here absolutely astounded by how beautifully well done that song was. The quality has just completely blown my mind. That was not just a song, it was a work of art.

Also, pony should pony pony.

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This looks amazing. Fluttershy focused episode with epic pegasi weather powers? Hell yes.

Also what's up with that incredibly buff pegasus with really stubby legs at the :15 mark?

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Anyone else notice what appeared to be all the larger, adult dragons up on the clifftops in the background? I wonder if this episode will focus solely on the teenage dragons being jerks, or if we'll get the perspective of a more mature dragon as well.

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I honestly don't really care much for Spike, he's probably my least favorite character, but I have to say that clip was actually quite sad. This episode has the potential to have a lot of character development in it, as well as some very touching moments. I'm looking forward to it more now, and I hope it doesn't disappoint.

Though I also hope they explain how there's such a great dragon migration, yet apparently next to nothing is known about dragons since they're so rare and mysterious. The mane cast has had experience with several even. And I do wonder why they don't just ask Princess Celestia how the egg was obtained.

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As a chemist, I find this quite amusing, an excellent job overall and many of those are quite hilarious and creative!

One thing slightly bugs me though. In the real periodic table, elements with similar properties occur in columns, like they did with the elements of harmony, while this person seems to have put a lot of similar elements side by side. It would be awesome to have these reorganized into matching families, though that would mean it would no longer resemble the real periodic table as closely.