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Pretty sure other people submitted it too, but this is exactly why I added it to my submission mail. Can't have a Luna Day without aknowledging Luna's role in starting Ponies in Socks.

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So much amazing Luna fanart here. I see all of my submissions made it in... Neat!

Though I have admit I completely forgot the two drawings that have been my desktop wallpaper for the past 3 years..

Junglepony's "Luna's Moon": (So awesome)
Sokoals/Ghst-qn's "S1 Luna Huggin the Moon": (So adorable)

Check them both out, even if this is way too late to make a difference.

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This was a great day. Lots of Luna stuff, both new, old and even stuff back from the very first days of the fandom. A suitable tributy to the Princess of the Night; celebrating her present, emebracing the future, while still aknowledging the past. And she looks so happy and fulfilled sleeping on her beloved moon.

Thank you for your hard work putting this together, Calpain. So very much appreciated. See you next character day!

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Oh hey, those pony suits are marginally better than last time. Hmm, maybe this isn't so bad afte... Oh god! The dead walks, the dead walks!

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#1: No safety precautions. Apparently the squad isn't familiar with the stadium. No problem for Spitifre! ... Sometimes I think she might just not be suitable for captain of a stunt team... Maybe that handsome devil standing next to her would be a nice substitute. ;)
#3: D'aaawwww.... I want an adorable Woona in my stocking too.
#5: "The last time I saw you, darling, you weren't a completely cuon-tentable pile of horseapples. How very fascinating..." Well, at least it's not "The Rightful Heir"...

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>Family Guy

Well, there's your problem...

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#5: You like my moon, don't you bronies?
#6: Well, I know Prancer, Blitzen, Donner... uh... Dashie... Cadance...? Sparkler... but I'm pretty sure Egghead isn't one of them! She looks awfully cute though.
#14: Discord classic:turning the mistltoe into holly just to avoid kissing his gall. ... Kiss her already you fool! Love Celestia's adorable snicker.
#16: She read in a book that pponies tend to be silly aroind Hearth's Warming, didn't she? Good ol' adorkbale Twilight.
#17: You're wearing socks, Rainbow... You might as well just give up right then and there, and face the facts; you're adorable.
#19: "... must be exterminated. ... Exterminate. Exterminate! Exterminaaaaaaatee!"
#22: Don't mind the holly, just kiss her you fool!

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*goes to Derpibooru*

search for "celestia, safe, upvotes.gte:100" -> 30 images in 18 days
search for "luna, safe, upvotes.gte:100" -> 30 images in 19 days

Celestiabuse plus celestia hate: 85 images
Lunabuse plus woonabuse: 81 images

Yep, I can clearly see how much more loved Luna is than Celestia.

Face it, your salt is derived entirely from your own subjective opinion. Or do you have any statistics to back up your claims?

I don't even care about your personal favorite ponies or how much you dislike other characters. It just reeks of butthurt to come into a post meant to celebrate one specific character and whine about how unfair the fandom is. And it doesn't make it any better that I fully expected to see this kind of attitude once I learned about EQD's Luna Day.

As an Applejack (best pony!) fan: no, she doesn't receive limited amount of love. In fact she seems to be consistently among the top-3 of peoples favorite ponies. Not best pony, but definitely in the lead. That's good enough for me.

As a Celestia fan: no, she doesn't receive limited amount of love. She is constantly praised as a role model, and poll after poll have shown that a "Celestia episode"/"Young Celestia Luna Episode" is one of the fandoms most cherished wishes.

And in the end, the only reason you're upset is because the average fan doesn't 100% share your opinion of Celestia. But at least you didn't use the phrase "overrated" or "underrated".

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Yeah, but in how they interact with their citizens, Celestia seems more like the nurturing, trusting parent type. She'll support you, encourage you and ultimately believe in your ability to grow and fight your own battles. Essentially trying to raised her subjects to be independent and ready to face the world and all its dangers. Ie. a parent figure.

Luna seems more the pro-active, protecting type. She'll help you, guide you, advice you, but if it looks like you're in trouble you can't handle, she'll step in a beat up what-ever is scaring/bothering you. No questions asked, stop bullying her subjects. Essentially trying to protect her subjects from dangers she doesn't think they are capable of fighting, and woe be you if you're that danger threatening them. Ie. a sibling.

Yeah, basically it's my headcanon, which I largely derived from their difference of opinion in "The Crystal Empire" and how they act around their subjects.

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Get a plain t-shirt and a permanent marker, write on it "Blame My Sister." Bam! ... That'll be 150 bits.