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It's a series of 10 connected vignettes, each based on one of the Ten Commandments. (A comedy.)

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I'm in the same area as you, and I have been doing hard boiled eggs in the steamer basket of the rice cooker for a while now and it always feels like a magic trick.

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FotR was the first movie I saw after a nervous breakdown that forced me out of college during my senior year. I actually think it was the first time my parents let me out of the house after I showed up on their doorstep unexpectedly early and told them I couldn't go back.

Man, that was an awful time. I needed the distraction, a lot.

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Also, every dessert should be served with "a herd of blueberries" moving forward.

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I think I have to watch both seasons again from the beginning so I can try to take it all in, for real.

1. As soon as she started walking towards that weird construction area in the subway, I knew she was going in with 75% certainty, and Underwood-dressed-as-Martin-Balsam-from-Pelham-1-2-3 kicked that up to 99.8% certain.

2. I think this show would be too overwrought for me to deal with if it weren't for the breaking of the 4th wall. More theatrical, and therefore I can accept it? Dunno.

3.How many people do you think Frank has murdered directly over the years?

4. Can we just acknowledge that Claire and Frank Underwood are what some people think the Clintons are?

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I seriously referred to him as Jackal Onassis the whole time my husband and I were watching this season.

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I think about this sketch every time I receive a plate at a restaurant that has dipping areas. Then I treat them with reverence.

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My favorite Maria line to bust out at at my husband at inappropriate times is "Veneeeeette, I want to hear the wonderful cat story, Venette."

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Would that their tryst had been in an apse.