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Andrew Breitbart said something to the effect, "We are selling freedom and if we can't sell that we suck."

We absolutely need to rethink reaching people who are most likely to want to identify with freedom. We need to get on immigration reform and do it with the participation of the Hispanic community - at the local level. We lost hardworking people in this election. Of course we need to finish the wall, and push for enforcement but more importantly we need to be a voice for a reasoned approach for those who are already in country. We need another partner in the voting block.

Second, we have to be involved at the local level. The Republicans need to have grass roots engagement long term in hispanic communities. We need to help them get jobs, create businesses, and advocate the freedoms of America. We need republican based answers to acorn - not in the same DNA as acorn, but something that is about being there for them.

Third, we need to get money behind hispanic and black voices for conservatism. They need to be on the radio, on TV, and owning media companies not just guesting on Fox. How many black people host shows on Fox? Baier, O'Rielly, Hume, Krauthamer, Kelly, the three doofuses in the morning, the 5 guy. We need a black conservative channel if nothing else. WE NEED MEDIA.

We had a lot of republicans stay home yesterday. We had less votes than McCain did. Seriously.

If we want to reach the young we need to stop being pessimistic about socialism an sell freedom damn it. Turn off the us verses them whiney admonitions and reach out to potential partners.

Just my opinion.

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If there is no morality and no absolutes then there are no hypocrites you hypocrite.

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Actually it says not to pray to be seen. It doesn't say don't pray in public. But your point is well taken and in the world of sports I agree with you.

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For someone who is superior to Christians for their hypocrisy and sin you're words show you as a somewhat bitter person. Were you raised in church?

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I know right. Atheists are like the smartest, most intelligent, and most consistent non-hateful people ever. Atheists haven't ever killed anyone, misused anything, or started a war. They are always right and never compromised by the restraints of hypocritical morality. It's good to be an atheist because we are superior than all those other people who only think they are superior.

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So who was paid out of the $2.4 trillion dollars spent by our government on so called climate change? Oh, yes, just the objective scientists. The list of more than 30,000 scientists NONE of which have received any money from oil companies or the typically mentioned culprits by your ilk all disagree that Man is the primary cause of change in climate. All scientists agree that climate change is real and that people do impact it. The question is by how much. And that my ignorant friend is completely unknown.

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Wow 10's of thousands - and you come up with those figures from where? A christian is killed every 5 minutes. In 2006, 171,000 were killed for their faith as recorded by Gordon Cromwell Theological Seminary. More than 179,000 Christians were martyred between the summer of 2008 and 2009. That means more than 1 million believers in Christ are slaughtered every 6 years and that number is rising.

In the Salem witch trials - Fourteen women and five men were hanged, one man was crushed to death and at least five others died while in prison and some lived then got murdered in a riot at their house.

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As if using "scientific" means anything. You mean like the science of global warming? Of course religion is unscientific because it begins with absolute truth rather than questions and observation. How is it even expected that two systems of thought, one with absolutes, and one that is self-acclaimed as the epitome of constant discovery should agree? Stupid and illogical premise.

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