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I don't think I *am* Rarity, she just represents me better than the others. Twilight Sparkle's a close second though.

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This season is just getting better and better as it goes along. The first few eps were 'meh' and now they're 'WOW'. And I'm left rather stunned at the end of each one... Mainly because there's so much going on in these episodes these days!

Weird Al never really peaked my interest but he made for a really fun character. I'm not a fan of Pinkie Pie either, but this episode made me like her just a little bit more. I appreciate episodes where she's not being annoying or acting like an idiot. This one actually made me feel sorry for her and, believe me, that's an achievement for me. The 'sad' scene where she goes out on to the balcony... I liked that. Nice touch. (': I'm surprised they didn't have a Pinkamena moment though, to be honest.

My fiancé joked that the duck was gunna end up being Pinkie's 'rainbow shiny thingy'... AND IT WAS. We died laughing.

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I vote Chrysalis but I'm shocked to see Lightning Dust so far down and King Sombra so far up, given how terrible of a character he was. Maybe if he was brought back for some redeeming character development though.

I'm most like Rarity. Luckily, I'm a woman and while I'm not interested in fashion or creating my own fashion lines, the attention to detail and vanity is something I, unfortunately, possess. I'm just one of those ladies who has to look good before she leaves the house... and I hate getting my hooves dirty! I think I possess elements of each of the ponies however. Fluttershy for her love of animals and quiet nature (I'm not shy, but find myself often enough in don't-speak-unless-spoken-to positions.), Twilight for her OCD craziness, organisational skills and nerdiness, Applejack for her honesty, I'm almost completely unable to lie and I consider myself to be a really honest friend, Pinkie for her crazy hyperness around friends (I might be quiet in public but when I'm with my best friends, believe me, I'm not, haha.) and Rainbow for her loyalty and often stubborn nature.

Rarity though is definitely closer to being me than the others. And all my friends think so, even the ones who don't watch the show. :P

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I know it probably was, but I like to believe it was Derpy.

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Yeah, I've established that, but at the same time it was the same issue Spitfire had in Wonderbolts Academy. I understand that the good guys all learn from their mistakes and that seems to be half the point of this entire show, but Spitfire, leader of the Wonderbolts, learning from a flyer who she *still* hasn't recruited but now knows very, very well? Something about that seems off.

Also, welp, the downvote system came back in at some point? This aught to be great...

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At least it'll suit her wings better. Her wings just look odd on her current body.

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As a Spitfire fan, I'm disappointed that she's turned out to be such an asshole.

As a Derpy fan, her return completely stunned me. ALL THAT SCREEN TIME! I'm so glad she's back and here to stay, I missed her. (': That scream at 17:52 though... I've never laughed so hard at an episode until now.

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After all this teasing I'm going to be really disappointed if Derpy isn't in tomorrow's episode. :/

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No, I don't like the idea of any of the mane ponies being related to one another.

Also it isn't the lyrics that make Apples to the Core such a great song, it's how damned catchy it is. None of the others stuck like that did.

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Why do all Applejack cosplayers seem to want to wear as little as possible? I know ponies are naked, but seriously.