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Creepy by human standards, or islamic ? I understand from history that mutilating bodies was one of the favourite activities of jihadis, and they indulge in it even in modern times. Well the texts are the same, so the behaviour is hardly surprising.

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duh swami said "He looks like a kind man". I see such "kind" looking imitators of Uswa-hasana, Al-insan, Al-kamil almost every day. In fact, their numbers are increasing in my city. Now that I have read the Koran, I know that these "kind" looking men have been beheading and butchering animals ever since they were kids. Also, these "kind" looking men mutilate the genitals of their daughters. Now I use the word "Psychopaths" to describe these imitators of Uswa-hasana.

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"Government spokesman Mark Regev called the attack a "senseless act of brutality against innocents."

To any sane Infidel, this act is senseless. But for a follower of Uswa-hasana, Al-insan, Al-kamil, it makes perfect sense.

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Moderate Taliban (tm) does exist and that is why people are falling over themselves to talk to them and come to some sorts of arrangement. Listed below are the features of Moderate Taliban (tm).

1. Moderate Taliban behead Infidels and Takfiris real slowly as compared to Extreme Taliban who do the job somewhat quickly, in a matter of minutes.

2. Moderate Taliban(tm), while stoning their women, do not throw more than 50 stones/hour. This is yet another distinguishing characterstic of Moderate Taliban (tm). Please do keep in mind that Extreme Taliban do not have any such rule regarding stoning. They are real savages and once they start stoning, they just continue until the woman is a mass of pulp.

3. Moderate Taliban (tm) never buy a bride until she is of the age of 13 whereas the Extreme Taliban can marry girls as young as 9.

4. Moderate Taliban(tm) make their kids start islamic schooling at the age of 5, as opposed to Extreme Taliban, who make their kids start at birth.

And the people here would have you believe that there is no such thing as Moderate Taliban(tm). Bunch of ignoramuses.

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Naseem ?

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A mosque is not just a house of worship. It is a slaughterhouse, weapons storage, propaganda house and terrorist shelter.

You also say "To group every Muslim in the same category as these extremists is completely wrong." Nobody over here would say that, but most people here understand that Islam teaches violence against non-believers (kafirs, as the kuran calls them). Mainstream Islam, that is. Their religion calls for imitating the actions and deeds of a paedophile mass murderer rapist warlord called as Muhammad ibn Abdullah, who founded this ultra-violent cult.

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"Not to worry, however; the jihadists signed "pledges" to refrain from terrorism. "

But no pledges were signed re. jihad.

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DDA stopped posting because of the comments system ?

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Don't know if you will get it Infidel Pride since this is right at the bottom now. I am using Firefox and trying out your suggestions. Thanks.