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You have effectively summed up the state of our civilization today.

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He's just doing his Joe Camel impersonation.

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You should never go Republican to mouth either.

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Paula Deen?

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Roses are red
and ready for plucking
you're sixteen
and ready for high school
-Kurt Vonnegut

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I believe a lot of young mothers are opting for variations on the spelling- Madysin, Maddisyn, etc. You know, for the originality.

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Great line from Veep on HBO- "you would be Frankenstein's monster if Dr. Frankenstein made him entirely out of dead dicks".

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Perry has been visiting my home state of Connecticut recently trying to draw businesses away to Texas, especially gun manufacturers who are disgruntled with our new gun laws following the Sandy Hook shootings. I just read that our governor, Dannel Malloy, commented that he hopes Perry can remember all three of his talking points during his meetings. Remarks like that make me love Malloy.

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Because there are gun manufacturers that stand to make extra billions of dollars if the second amendment can be understood to allow them to sell guns and ammo to a larger market that includes mental patients and whack jobs. Less corporate profitability in an originalist interpretation of the fourth.

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I can't remember if Campbell calls out that specific gene but he does discuss women with strong genetic predisposition for breast and other reproductive cancers and the remarkable reduction in those genes being expressed in the cases of women eating a whole foods plant based diet.