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Come On Moochell, we are off to go fool the public again. Hope - but no change.

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I can guarantee that BSNationalBarackChannel (MSNBC) has devoted more time to the coverage that Fox News.

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"Occupy Billy Clubs"

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Great job by the pilot.

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Finally, after all of the years of hatred and bile the far left has spewed at the US military, they finally have a former military member they can support — Scott Olsen. Scott was unfortunately at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Daily Kos has already thrown together a tribute to this marine. A first for the far left “screw them” website. Scott Olsen is the founder of I Hate the Marine

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What kind of parents wouldn't take their children with them? Oh,i know? Parents who have their US born children already sucking on the American Teat.

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What are you talking about? The gun,casings were recovered. I live in an state where i can carry and do.While I don’t ordinarily care to target anything that has a mother, i will reluctantly make an exception should an urgent provocation arise.

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The man who police officers shot and killed after he fired at them during a foot chase in Bayview-Hunters Point was a 19-year-old Washington state parolee sought for questioning in the slaying last week of a pregnant woman in Seattle, the San Francisco police chief said Sunday

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This area is very upper middle class.

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I live less than four blocks from that pool. You hit it perfectly that it was urban animals,six of them. This girl and four others were robbed at gun point.