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Similar thing happening in Britain. Council workers working from home now told they can't smoke at their desks. In their own homes.

They've achieved their totalitarian reach into our homes.

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It demonstrates just how dangerous America is if we can wonder will it be the first and last country to use nukes. We can't say that of any other country, because America will always be the first to have used them whoever else might use them next.

Some reports from Syria suggest Israel already has.

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US propaganda against Russia and China is developing sinister Nazi undertones.

It wasn't Russia or China who set the Middle East on fire 20 years ago to control the oil. When Russia and China go abroad for raw materials they build hospitals and bridges. When the US goes abroad for raw materials it bombs hospitals and bridges.

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It never ceases to amaze me how the hard-core war hawks in America were once the hard-core draft dodgers. And Bush didn't just dodge the draft he dodged the dodge. War for plunder is evil and if you dodged one war you have no right to start another.

There is one thing that's common among three of the last four US presidents: they have that incredibly rare flight or flight instinct.

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When the US economy finally collapses it will be ex-police officers with no more income who will be amongst the worst of the roaming street gangs. They won't be dressed as police but they'll be recognisable by their mannerisms and speech. One of the things they'll be after besides food is ammunition. They have lots of guns but could soon run low on ammo, and they're going to want your preps too if they know you prepped.

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It makes no sense to start war on the country which provides most of the goods your economy needs to function. And it only does that because greedy western businessmen wanted to supply western markets with western goods produced by Asian wages. So blame them, not China. Most countries would have done it.

If the US is to start war against China then common sense at least dictates wait until the infrastructure's in place to take over--factories built, roads and bridges repaired, supply and sales routes in place. If it's because the US doesn't have the money to do that, then they're not after China's trade but bringing China down with them.

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The Nazis would never have ratified Nuremberg, either. No matter, they ended up being tried there all the same.

The ICC should continue to hold the trial knowing full well the accused will be absent, because the evidence is probably overwhelming--but if they start WWIII and lose it, then all the countries who do recognise the ICC will have a legal warrant to serve on those Americans and Israelis who flee. Then you can bet those found guilty by the ICC will then recognise the ICC, because it'll be their warrants they'll be fleeing from. I bet they're not man enough to stay put and still say they don't recognise the ICC.

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When the US collapses and must turn to the international community for aid to feed its people (or else its elites get lynched), the people of the world will get out on the streets to demand their governments do nothing to assist this cruel and barbarous nation who starved so many across the world and ensured their ill couldn't get medical treatment.

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As a Brit the problem I have with Andrew's involvement is that as no British government wants to the one in power if the monarchy is brought down, it's the British government that can be blackmailed over anything he's involved with. He is high-born with powerful connections but he personally holds no high office like the leader of parliament, the Church, the central bank etc. It's because of our medieval caste system with royalty at the top that we can be forced into wars or trade deals detrimental to this country if he gets involved in embarrassing smut

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Like security expert John McAfee said, "If it looks like Russia did it, Russia didn't do it."

All these evidence-free accusations against Russia [and now China] are taking on Nazi undertones. They need to stop.