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Too bad the Mayor spent all that money screwing up Seattle streets and neighborhoods by painting bike lanes and reducing major arterials down to 2 lanes from 4 just to accommodate the bike lanes that only 1% of Seattlites use regularly. Or how about the money spent on the anti-jump wall on the Aurora Bridge. The Mayor's pet projects are costing us a fortune. That money certainly would have been better spent on fixing things like potholes, safety and upgrades.

Stop nickel and diming us into poverty with new fees and taxes! Enough already!

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I'm sure McGinn isn't going to like that announcement! Makes me happy to know we'll eventually have a new viaduct to DRIVE CARS ON!

I wonder if he'll fight for bike lanes on it so he can screw the new one up like he has all the streets here in Seattle? ahhh...but of course he will!

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Not only do I admire her for her actions that fateful night but for the fact she has shown she is truly meant to be in law enforcement by not quitting the force after a traumatic incident like that. Not sure I could have come back to to do the job had I lived through that. Congratulations Officer certainly deserve that medal and our gratitude for your commitment to serve the citizens of Seattle.

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I know. Guess I was hungry when I typed it. :)

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There is no way to describe this other than completely disturbing. I come from a family of hunters and I myself have hunted but this in no way shape or form is anything even close to hunting. This is no different than climbing up a tree in your backyard and then shooting arrows at the family dog after you've called it over to you. Even more disgusting is to package it up as a true outdoor hunting expedition. I am not anti-gun, anti-hunting and I don't belong to PITA or any other animal advocacy group but not sure how anyone can watch that video and not question the character of people that think this kind of thing is "fun". There is no honor in it, no reason in it and certainly no compassion in it. This was a tame, trusting animal and there is not a shred of sportsmanship or integrity in what they did.

They should be banned from owning animals of any kind and should never be issued another hunting license in their miserable lifetimes. In my opinion they forfeited the right to do either. Complete phonies and utter cowards. I hate knowing there are humans among us that take pleasure in this kind of senseless killing...animal or human.

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I agree with you on this one. People will see the "over 200K and 400K" and think they are screwing the rich and that sounds like a grand idea so they'll vote for it. Two years from now, they'll be wondering why they are getting screwed because they are in the "50K" bracket. We keep electing politicians that are self serving and not working for us and not a one [politician] will shed a tear when going after every income bracket in two years.

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Notice how they always threaten that public safety will suffer and that babies will suffer because all human services must be cut FIRST?? There's a reason for that stir up paranoia over crime and tug at our heart strings that babies may die without funding. And funding means...give us more taxes to spend on our projects! I just am not buying it anymore. No empathy left for the local, state and federal government. We all have to live within our means and so should they. If we as taxpayers have to feel the pain in terms of discontinued or diminished services then so be it.

Americans have always stepped up in their communities when needed to volunteer or donate privately to help provide and fund humanitarian services.

It's just another ploy to get us to give in and give more of our paychecks.

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What this Mayor DID preserve in the budget is all his own pet projects such as Walk Bike Ride, reducing lanes on major arterials to make way for bike paths to further jam up our streets, etc . These are certainly not critical projects and certainly shouldn't be funded during times like these. Just another ideologue Dem with an agenda and going to make sure they get their way on the backs of taxpayers and jobs.

He has yet to address the span of control on top heavy management throughout the city as promised and worse yet has recently added at least two more top advisors to his own staff. Guess it's hard to cut management when you're adding to your own fold. Absolutely shameful to further a personal agenda while cutting services and jobs to get your way.

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What a complete waste of money at a time when the city is facing huge deficits, cutbacks in services and layoffs. So many better ways to use 4.6 million. Better yet, here's a novel idea...try saving it.

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So that's why (according to Obama) we need more government in our lives and running banks, auto industry, healthcare and deciding who gets to use how much energy and water, etc. because they do such a bang up job of making sure our money is well spent and accounted for. It's deplorable.