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This show was far from great(est), but Cena vs. Triple H was the best match? Watch it again. Lazy would be the word I would use to describe it. Especially on Cena’s part.

While picking the “best” match of the night might be difficult, I would argue that Cena/HHH was the worst.

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For the guys it’s just as bad. Pick the first and last name of another pro athlete (usually baseball) and there you go.

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Hassan’s character was genius when it was brand new.

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I think she’s going to cash in, but I bet either to take the title from Alexa or Nia.

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If Cena was really that desperate he’d be Strowman’s tag team partner. John Cena “without a path to Wrestlemania” is a really terrible storyline.

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You mentioned something in your write up that I have often thought about myself. I recently watched an old WWF show on the network that featured the Hart Foundation in a non title match. Gorilla was on commentary and took the time to explain why it was non title. Not just here’s the champions but the belts aren’t on the line because they were going to lose (which they did), but there was a story there. Everyone jockeying for position for a future title shot or the winners share of the purse. It’s something small and not very important today, but it does add a certain touch which is definitely missing now.

I was never a big fan of Gorilla’s growing up, but I really appreciate his work now. I’ve really enjoyed all the Hall of Fame stuff so far!

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But you can’t have it both ways. Quite a few of the NXT call ups aren’t really getting over on the main roster.

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I think it started out OK...

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The ranking is pretty much right on. I might argue something here or there, but Bret Vs Owen is definitely number one due to the upset factor.

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Doug Dillinger?