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The symphony of the goddesses tour will have more parts than last years 25th anniversary orchestra, right? If that's true, we'll hopefully hear something from the zelda games forgotten in last years orchastra.

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If you follow the Zelda Dungeon walkthrough, it should be a breeze ;)

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My personal favorite is the spades set, NES art always looks awesome :D

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Skyward Sword's art style is best off remaining unique to SS, that's what Nintendo does; they try to make each Zelda game unique in their own way and differentiate from each other, so you can go back to them individually for those reasons.

But the problem is, if Zelda WiiU goes with the TP artstyle (as seen in the e3 2011 demo) it would totally overshadow Twilight Princess itself, and if that's the case many people wouldn't bother going back to TP. So I personally think they should stay away from reusing art styles for that specific reason. But then again, what new artstyle would they use? It's hard to think what they'd use. I'm sure they will come up with something great.

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Actually many of the concepts were transferred into ' nearly all' Zelda games after LA; such as the ocarina (not a flute), having the option to play multiple songs with different effects, trading sequence, dedicated sub-bosses in each dungeon, dedicated boss keys (nightmare keys), bosses that talk to you before battle, character emotions, etc. I've only scratched the surface of all the concepts Link's Awakening introduced.

You cannot ignore the game just because *spoiler alert on 19 year old game* it was a dream - in which had plenty of story, yet not linking to other Zelda game. I see were you're coming from, but, LA deserves more respect among the fans.

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It kind of sucks that Link's Awakening has the least amount of pages, even though it's one of the more important Zelda games that started many treads throughout the series.

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I think it will be wise to delete my history now.

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Wait... isn't the triforce of power meant to be on top? triforce of courage on the bottom right and wisdom on the bottom left?

Damn. now that guy has a permanent inaccurate tattoo...

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I have a few first4figures and trust me, they are totally worth the price.

Quality is always greater than quantity; plus, getting your hands on a first4figure would be much easier than getting one of those, unless you live in japan :P

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I think I'll just wait for first4figures to make skyward sword figurines instead ;)