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I know. I have seen your posts for months now, including on my articles. I know you were not being serious, but so many have asked if they are welcome. Just wanted to clarify.

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Please do not let the media fool you. So many are quick to label this a black tea party and it is way more than that. We are expanding the movement into all communities across America. The intention was to help those who have been used and lied to. It's easy for minorities to believe we don't care, if we are unwilling to bring the Tea Party to their door.

A lot of folks joined ACORN because they pretended to care about their opinions and communities. We say that the movement is not racist and this is an outreach effort to help shape the dialogue. How can we effectively fight if we are always on the defensive? Look at this as a neighborhood group. We are not self-idenifying, liberal rags like the Houston Press did that for us.

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I have allowed the press to label it a black Tea Party but it was not my intention. All are welcome. We put Tea Parties where members live, so why not in an urban area? Why do we say that we welcome everyone but expect folks to travel outside of their area to attend a Tea Party? Why is is weird that we are asking whites and blacks to come into the so called 'hood for these meetings? America, EVERY inch of it, is at stake, and every neighborhood should have a TEA Party.