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Just want everyone to know you can expect full reviews of many of the books listed here soon.

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I thought it was funny that the title was 15 websites you probably don't know about, then the first one said you probably do know this one.

You Tube has tons of exercise videos and things like that as well. Definitely a good stop to think about. Most of it is user generated content, it's not all copyright infringement!

A great one that was instantly missing in my mind was

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Having things in the "cloud" really has made my life easier, I use two computers at home and three at work. I can keep things neatly organized in the same environment everywhere I go using web based apps. But I was excited to read this post since I do think Google needs some competition.

If their apps were more integrated with each other, they really could be unbeatable killer appls. Why don't I have access to my Gmail contact lists in Calendar and Docs? It would be great to just insert the contact in the calendar instead of retyping that address field.

I really think that overall, Google's apps don't update as often as they could. They could have feature roll outs more often. Most of them aren't as good as I'd like to be and feel like they're missing features

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Great, now I just need to figure out how to stay fit when not traveling! I have started a running program. It's tough stuff but it's actually pretty fun and freeing. I feel like people are looking at me and judging me, but that's just me being crazy

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These are great, I really want to try the bulk popcorn thing!

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Too close to home?

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That's a great tip too. And read outside of your expertise, it makes you well rounded and things often relate that you might not have thought of