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Im not perfect, but I try to live by a few intentions (if thats the right word)

Live and let live

Do as you would be done by.

Do no harm.

I think thats a reasonable way to try and live, but thats just my take on things. Others may disagree.

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And replaced them with ‘care in the community’. What a disaster that has turned out to be.

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I agree. I have a close friend who works for DWP. They had a pay freeze for three years, and then a 1% pay rise. They are very short staffed, and Universal Credit is an absolute nightmare.

This is something that you never hear about in Parliament, when the Ministers are saying that everything is going so well, and under control. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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So you wont be getting old then, and using the NHS. You must tell us your secret.

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well, at least they are not going round fighting and knifing people, and being a burden on the State in that regard .
Older people get too much bad press nowadays. sometimes the way they live their lives in a law abiding way, saves the State a lot of money.

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indeed. you could cut them by 90% and they'd never be missed.

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I agree. I thought long and hard before casting my vote, and try as I might, I dont trust Hunt. He is throwing out wild promises, that I think, he knows cannot be delivered.

For a while, I seriously considered not voting for either, but because of the sacrifices made to give me a vote, I know how precious it is.

I cannot raise much enthusiasm for either candidate.

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It is a waste, but they would only be a drop in the bucket, to the amount of housing we are going to need, to accommodate our burgeoning (not just ageing) population.

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Its not PC to say so, but we all know that there are people who won’t help themselves. Some of them get benefits equivalent to a salary of a full time worker.

The minute anyone makes the mildest remark about this, there is an outcry, which nicely shuts the debate down.

I don't think there will be any change soon. The system has become entrenched.