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A special request to fellow DIGGers.

PLEASE when it comes to submitting an article,

1. RE-WRITE THE TITLE if necessary so that it FITS INTO THE TITLE BOX, check for odd characters that might pop up such as % signs.

2. Try to include BNP in the title or subject matter, as this is picked up by search engines and will be picked up by anyone looking for us.

3. Now look at the article and present it in your own words if necessary in the description box. If it grabs YOUR attention then it will probably affect others that way..

Please follow other links that interest you and DIGG them too!

Hope this helps!

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Hi Stringbag, that link doesn't work :^( Could you re-submit, maybe as a Tiny URL?

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So, whether you vote for Labour, Cons or Lib Dems--the Green Belt that has been there for around 80 years--will be built over by all of them to satisfy the huge demand that has resulted from massive immigration and EU membership. Without the immigration of the past 40 years, Britain's population would have stabilised with little or no overall increase. We would be energy-sufficient. We would have a lot less flooding (every bit of land that gets built on increases flooding and drainage problems), and we would not have had to build the number of roads that we have. Pollution levels from cars in Britain has increased massively so that even people like myself, living in a rural county, are experiencing asthma for the first time in our lives, as are many of my family members and friends.

Only the British National Party holds the vision of a truly “Green” and sustainable Britain whose government serves US, rather than us serving the government. In this June’s European elections, everyone will have the opportunity to vote for the BNP and rise up against the EU and the ugliness that is Cultural Marxism. The BNP loves Europe but hates the EU, but we have to be on the inside—Vote BNP and we will tear out the EU’s evil black heart and serve it up to the Marxists on a plate.

For a must-see, 22 minute video on Political Correctness, to help you understand the evil that has been done to our beautiful islands, and to understand the Evil that lies at the heart of the Westminster Establishment, Link Here:

After you have looked over the precipice to see the horror that lies ahead, within the EU, and after you realise just how much Britain has already lost, do not weep and wring your hands. We still have "People Power" on our side. USE IT!



VOTE BNP in the European and local elections and help us to expose the Evil EU for what it is.

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Labour's destruction of Britain and British values succeeds apace. When I was a kid, the community was based around the church, the village pub and the post office/village store. The village hall was used for most social events. My village had one doctor in a surgery and a district nurse/midwife. All of these places were used to exchange information and allowed for a natural "community cohesion", with the whole overseen by the Parish Council. Parishes (based on the church's "see") have been around for about 1300 years and their very existence is now under threat from the EU. The concept of the "Parish" and the "Parisioner" has been exported all over the world. NuLabour has consistently set about destroying the English way of life through destruction of its villages.

NuLabour HATE the countryside. They HATE the traditional English/Welsh/Irish/Scottish village. They are to be destroyed. Their vision lies in an enslaved urban population subsisting on government handouts. In their Utopian Marxist world, there is no room for anything that smacks of Englishness. The Health and Safety legislation that has poured out of Europe only to be rubber-stamped by the British Parliament of Traitors has destroyed many a village tradition such as the Village Fete.

Their vision lies in the continued implementation of CULTURAL MARXISM as they march towards their New Global Order. For a look at the Evils of Cultural Marxism, aka Political Correctness, you MUST check this site out:


Now YOU can see what the British National Party are fighting! Please join us in the fight against the DELIBERATE and PLANNED destruction of this Great Country and JOIN THE BNP!

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Great Stuff, Tiverton BNP!

I spent many happy years living in Devon, near Crediton. Shropshire is lovely but I DO so miss the sea.

Tiverton is a lovely, medium-sized rural town that has experienced very little enrichment and it is very good to strike while the iron is hot. The anti-EU is huge in the rural counties, particularly Devon, because of the EU's hijacking of the farming/rural way of life, and the destruction of the once-vibrant fishing industry..

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Attention Sheriff and other posters!

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Ahhh.. for anyone wanting to take a look at the CRIMINAL activities of councillors and MPs, check out the Liars, Buggers and Thieves web site: -EdC

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Hi Brian, The term "Islamic terrorism" has, effectively, been banned by the EU and this government. The term "Extremism" has replaced "Terrorism" so we now have "Islamic Extremists". Now the government start talking about "Right Wing Extremists" and the "Extremist BNP". This is a cunning use of words. After not too long, the BNP gets lumped in with the terrorists. Throw a few words in such as "racist", "vile", "odious" and "knuckle-dragging" and, via the mainstream media (MSM) you condition a population into thinking these things. Just watch out for the above. It is astonishing just how often it occurs. THEN you have Hazel Blears tackling "Extremism" in schools and "Extremism" in the communities. The assumption is that she is talking about tackling Islamic Fundamentalism and "Islamic Terrorism". The aims are VERY different -EdC

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Hi vigorniensis, We CAN use establishment weapons against them. The brilliant thing about the European elections is that is not "first past the post" but Proportional Representation. I believe the figure, e.g. for the West Mids is around 8% of votes to get a Euro MP (someone correct me if I am wrong). The money side of things is going to be a bonus for the party. You can compare it to the vegetarian who worked in a slaughterhouse to expose inhumane practices (I have a copy of that book). Cheers. -EdC