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Okay, okay, just saw your reply now. I'll let it go. I've just never seen somebody use the amnesia defense before, and it's really bizarre!

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"If feminists told me to stop, I would."

I am a feminist. I am the daughter of two radical feminists. I am a woman. I am telling you to stop.

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Do you have amnesia or something? Just because you never called them trans women does not mean you never talked about them! Look at what I quoted you as saying. This is something you said; I did not make it up. You suggested that the cotton ceiling theory promoted sexual coercion. This theory is specifically about trans women. Stop denying shit and own up to the fact that you were talking about trans women, that they are women, and that you referred to them as men and accused them as being privileged sexual predators.

How about this one? "Waaaah! I'm oppressed because I think having a lifeless hole in my crotch should let me get into women's bathrooms!" wtf do you think you were referring to then? All I can see is bigotry. You even call someone a "trans-lover," as if that were an insult. Or are you now going to claim you meant it as a compliment?

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Because you refuse to call them that. You refer to a "man [who] tries to “pass” as a woman by getting a pseudo-vagina (really just a hole) and getting bigger breasts, and says things like “I always felt I was a woman…" What do you think you were talking about in that sentence? A trans woman isn't a man "morphing themselves into the oppressed," a trans woman is a woman.

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You repeatedly refer to trans women as "trans men." This is not only oppressive and offensive, but it is incorrect. Nobody refers to people who have been assigned as male but who identify as female as "trans men." They are trans women - they are women - and you are a bigot against them.

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One day? Bigotry against transwomen is bigotry against women. Transwomen are women. You already are a misogynist.

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Not sure why they're getting worse, but I'd like to think that a sudden increase in sexism is due to people becoming more desperate, perhaps because we're winning the fight.

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Careful, your eyes can get stuck if you roll them too much. Since moving to New Zealand, I've heard a surprising number of "I'm not racist, but..." If you need to say that as a disclaimer, don't bother finishing your idiotic sentence. I don't think it's something inherent to NZ, I've just never been outside of my hippie havens (Berkeley, CA and Yellow Springs, OH) for so long before.

There are millions of books and movies with male lead characters that females enjoy. Saying that you don't want to play a female lead because you won't identify with her underlines YOUR problem: You can't identify with females. If you can't identify with them, I frankly don't think you're qualified to have a relationship with any of them, friendship or otherwise.

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Oh wow, thank you! I've gotten really sick of this anti-PC crap. And it isn't just about assholes who want to say whatever they want. It's dangerous. John Howard ran on this backlash to get support to become Prime Minister of Australia, because people were sick and tired of those lazy aborigines taking all their hard-earned tax money, etc. Anti-PC was used as an excuse for racism to run rampant, to take what little power the indigenous people of Australia had from them and make them even more destitute and shame them even more. It is used by virtually every conservative person, politician, and pundit to gain support from the population and it works incredibly well. People don't like being called out on their bigotry, and those with power have created a culture where you pat yourself on the back for being a bigot and fighting the "free speech" fight.

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Pity that there isn't any real empirical example for proper communism on a large scale.

Proper communism on a large scale existed as the syndicates of Revolutionary Spain, which involved over 7 million people (some say 8) and lasted 3 years despite a raging civil war.