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These sheeple are fucking hilarious. I am so loving today.

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It's a shame he wasn't caught sooner. I hope his fellow inmates discover the reason he is there.

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I have a friend who responds to door-to-door knockers with "Get a clue" and then slams the door.

I've only been accosted once and had about 30 minutes of conversation in my apartment's hallway with an elderly man, while a younger man sat behind him not really being able to add to the conversation. He started off by asking me what church I went to and I told him "I don't, I am an atheist." It felt pretty good to say that without having any fear. I mean, he came to my door, why not be honest? I told him I found no reason for a god to exist, but I was always open to new evidence. He didn't have anything beyond emotional appeals and eventually gave up. He was very polite and we shook hands when he left. Overall, I didn't really mind it but it wasn't something I'd do everyday at 7pm.

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I've expressed my want for a secular funeral to my parents and fiancé. I wrote it in an email so it's sort of more important than a verbal thing. I requested that instead of people sending flowers that they instead just make donations to secular charities that benefit the homeless or children, on my behalf. And that I wanted no priests or preachers at the funeral, as I know none so they have no reason to be there. I haven't made any direct wishes about how I am to be handled near-death because I'm not sure exactly what I want yet. I'd prefer not to be hounded by priests but beyond that I'm not sure.

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I see nothing wrong with community identity, especially when that community is an oppressed minority.

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I don't understand how people like you can stomach being a 'poe for so long. Just like those folks at the Paliban Daily. How on earth do you stomach that shit?

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Until this project takes off, I don't mind when readers comment on my blog with a link to a post that they've written about the same subject.

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Hey thanks for the add!

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My brother's wife is an evangelical Christian. How I do my part is by buying their kids science and chemistry sets and engaging them in logic-related conversations. I just try my best to get them to think, within the comfortable boundaries their parents have.

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This is just stupid. They weren't even at fault for the lights. Their god is such an ass that he can't realize what's going on here? lol