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Pardon me a moment, I need to find a bucket to vomit in...

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"You won a gold badge!"
In other words,
"Congratulation, a winner is you."

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I think your thinking of Steven Universe, that's the one everyone seems excited about right now. I've also heard good things about Gravity Falls, and I can highly recommend Avatar: The Last Airbender. Just make sure you see the cartoon series, and not the movie!

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Wait, only 3 more weeks of pony?!?

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Ow... My poor shattered psyche...

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For some reason the ad at the top of the page is telling me to get a mammogram. Logical for a pastel tiny horse news site?

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I finally finished Fallout 3!!! (Well, aside from about 60 side quests...) Now, time to start working through those DLCs, and maybe start a new game following the evil path.
The question is, Should I go out and get New Vegas, or should I be responsible and actually try to get some work done instead of spending hundreds of hours staring at my monitor?

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Monk, Psych, Columbo, Animaniacs, Looney Toons, Doctor Who, Miss Marple, Poirot, The Incredible Hulk, Batman, Get Smart, Everybody Loves Raymond, Jeeves and Wooster, multiple Charles Dickens and Jane Austin miniseries', Gilligan's Island, and a shit-ton of DVD and vhs movies. We're video hipsters. We were into binge watching before Netflix!

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I thought that they had finally decided to remove the saddle as a pony fashion accessory, since they look rather silly, are totally impractical, and are completely pointless in a world without humans. I thought that trend had died after season 1, but just take a look at Rarity's new assistant.
Now of you'll excuse me, I need to take a long shower and cry myself to sleep...