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It was quite apparent from the TV reportage that the government felt unhappy at allowing this prosecution (sorry, free publicity platform) for fear of unsettling the natives amongst us.
But equally I think they were surprised at the indignation and outrage from ordinary people who were watching the march past in Luton.
Well, the way things are going in this `dead in the water` country, that events are going to get far worse in the coming few years as the extremists flex their muscles amongst us.
It is not beyond the bounds of probability, (and no matter how hard the government attempt to protect and placate these lunatics), they will eventually bite back even harder which of course will have a similar knock on effect amongst us who do not see these people as a `religion of peace`.
It is so frustrating when we have no control over our country, and to the eyes of the government and the E.U we are nothing but pawns in a long drawn out political process that they have deigned to suffer us with.
How long this will go on can only be measured by `who votes for who` in the next postally rigged General Election.
I loathe and detest these people, I loathe and detest `socialists/communists`, and I loathe and detest this hideous confection that is Britain in the 21st Century.
Vote BNP - your votes can make a difference.

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I`ve only three points to make about George Carey.
Firstly, why didn`t he speak out when in office?
Secondly, why didn`t he oppose the CofE banning BNP membership?
Lastly, why did he allow the appointment of the Arch Muslim Appeaser Rowan Williams?
Williams being the very man that supported, (quote) "The idea that Britain can continue to welcome with open arms immigrants who immediately establish their own tribunals to apply Sharia, rather than make use of British civil law".

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Yes, you can tell it`s election time in the offing as the main parties roll out that perennial lie, "Let`s cut down immigration".
This will blow up like a small cloud of dust (which like earlier promises to deal with immigration) will settle down again very quickly.
I`ve noticed in the rags that the BNP aren`t mentioned in any report linked to this.
Could it be that they know the BNP are the only party willing to deal with this issue?
Lies, lies, and more damned lies.... The philosophy of modern politics.

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The `government` are now advising us to grow our own food. There are rumours a foot that in a few years (because of the over population) the government cannot guarantee our own food supplies.
Here is one link on `growing your own`. Apparently it`s all down to `climate change` :)

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I expect Mr Knorr, will probably be sidelined from promotion, or perhaps his department will not receive E.U or government funding for future projects.
This has happened to many scientists who have spoken the truth.
The trouble is that the likes of media magnates such as Rupert Murdoch will continue promote the `climate change` fantasy through their rags, and the BBC will simply ignore Mr Knorr`s research.
Even after the University of Essex were exposed for lying, the media simply jogged along with more climate change lies and the words of intellectual ants like Al Gore are still being promoted as `the truth`.
In the meantime we`ll still be hammered with even more `green` taxes, and companies in the `green industry` will still be lobbying parliament through political advocates such as M.P`s, and many people will continue to make pots of cash out of the green lies.
But don`t worry folks. Braun still has the country`s cheque book, and will no doubt keep writing out free cash to the third world as compensation for alleged `climate change`.
Sheer utter madness mired with corruption.

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If Britain becomes `uncontrollable`, the hard left will be able to use the ensuing social disorder to implement a hard line communist state with detractors being spirited away for `social reprogramming` or whatever buzz word they will dream up for it.
Braitain is an ideal venue to experiment. If it works here, it`ll work anywhere.

They see human nature as predictable and controllable. We are not individuals, we are merely pawns.
Remember, we are only connected to Europe by a tunnel, and isolating us from mainland Europe is easily controllable. But as most of us realise, it will ultimately fail.

As Groucho Marx famously said, “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it, misdiagnosing it, and then misapplying the wrong remedies.”

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In a few years London will be entirely dominated by Muslims in government and the police.
In 20 years, the city will look more in keeping with the third world, and St Paul`s will ultimately become a Mosque - as with many of our ancient churches.
The Church of England will no doubt be pleased that Christianity has finally been taken off the agenda, and no doubt our `church leaders` will be encouraging the few remaining Christians to convert to Islam.

Sharia law will predominate, and the useless Houses of Parliament will probably be dominated by the Muslim Council for Great Britain who by then will be the major controlling party.

`Liberal` whites living in the EUSSR will be congratulating themselves at the `success` of a failed and grotesque social experiment whilst E.U troops will be trying to control any semblence of law and order as rival Muslim sects declare open street war on each other whilst the police take instructions from war lords and look the other way.

A nightmare scenario which can be stopped if the British electorate wake up to what is being taken away from them forever.

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Despite where he spent many years of his life, he was a `British man`.
Does that mean therefore that in the eyes of the `Liberal establishment` that all Pakistani`s are really, err, British?
Good riddance to low life criminals.

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The `Police Officer` depicted wears the blue hatband of a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO).
These are cheap replacements for real police officers and are (dare I say) generally badly trained and not fit for the task.
Interesting to note that the complainer (unlike all the other women) was dressed in Western clothes and wore sun glasses and veiled her face with an ordinary scarf to disguise her appearance.
My guess she is not a muslim but either a supporter of `Search Lies` or a Tory activist.
Would be useful to find out.

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`Happy Holidays` is an American invention. I`ve certainly been to great pains before Christmas correcting some of my American friends over this.
Apparently it was introduced to make the `Christmas experience` more inclusive for our green friends from overseas of whom I have noticed are again trying to reduce `carbon emissions` in jet aircraft - and particularly those flying stateside.
The more you try to appease these little critters, the more likely they`ll snap back to try to blow you out of the skies .. Especially during the festive, `Happy Holidays`.
It`s good to see that appeasement and rolling over is working so well.