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There is no level playing field at the moment and it was actually fairer before Osborne's tinkering.
Owner occupiers do not have to pay any capital gains tax on the sale of their properties.

Currently, landlords have to pay 3% extra stamp duty to purchase a property (although most of the landlords I know are selling and making it more difficult for people to rent). They cannot treat mortgage nterest as a business expense (which is what it is). This means they pay income tax on interest they have paid out and then when selling they pay capital gains tax. As a book-keeper with landlord clients I can tell yu the profit is hardly worth the effort. Especially if you rent to benefit claimants and all the hassle that entails for a landlord !!

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I think George Osborne needs to apologise for messing up the housing market.
If you renovate run down or derelict properties to put back on the market as homes, you have to pay the 3% extra stamp duty which just pushes up the price of homes available.
Hi attack on landlords was disgraceful, especially for a Tory Chancellor. All that legislation should be repealed ASAP.

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If we agree a deal (not necessarily the current WA) there will be a transition period If we leave with no deal there will still have to be negotiations of future trade relations and things will probably not change in Ireland because both the UK and The Republic of Ireland have stated they will not put up a border.

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Are you being deliberately dumb?
We have future trade relations to negotiate, and things change monthly in technology and in any event it has been shown we can use technology now but they keep denying it.
If a person can stand in the garden with an app that tells them what the flight number and destination of a plane going above them is then it should not be too difficult to sort out import/export controls.

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Technology improves quickly these days and they will have better negotiators for the next stage than they had with Mrs May. Preferably negotiators with al less defeatish attitude than you have.

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They also need to make sure that these students are monitored correctly and they know exactly what jobs they are doing and when their access time is up. Currently the visa monitoring is pretty poor and the number of illegal immigrant returned to their own country is painfully low. It should not be a difficult task.
The fuss over the illegal immigrant policy of TM's was mis represented on the TV and I the papers. They always gave the impression it was for ALL immigration.

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All this fuss about the Irish border is unnecessary. If we have a 2 year transition period when we stay aligned for trade when nothing will change. We do not need the backstop. They will have 2 years to sort out the future trade arrangements and the border will be discussed where it should have been from the beginning. As future trade arrangements

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MP are paid more now than they have ever been. We paid a lot less in the past and did not get monkeys !!
Typical response to everything these days - Throw more money at it.

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It is not the 2 party system that is at fault it is the people who are elected.It seems to me that there should be better criteria for candidatews to meet before becoming an MP and the constituency party should be able to remove them more easily if they fail their voters.

We do need reform of Westminster, but not setting aside the history etc. MP's should nt have subsidised food and alcohol, the expenses regime should be tighter and clearer. they should not get daily food allowances. They have to eat whether they are in London or in their constituency. The taxpayer should not fund house purchases that MP's benefit from either.

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TM lost the GE in 2017 because of her stupid Elderly Care policy in her manifesto. Considering most of her supporters are over 50 it was a disaster from the start.

Also at last count are there not 28 countries in the EU entitled to vote?. The UK is not barred from the vote just because they are putting a request forward.