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Interesting to see the list of teams in the Division club league. I wonder how many of these are licking their chops to play with the scholarships boys.

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The $88 million is not "unprecedented".

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Well, there may be more regionals in the midwest now that the REA may not be rivals the Xcel Center at least as a facility. Hospitality in the area may be limited....meaning hotel rooms, accommodations, etc.

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It wasn't his wife that took the 9 iron after was the twin sister. That's why Tiger kept saying in his interviews that his wife never did it. but i guess the fable reads better if the wife did it.

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Change is always difficult. The easier you make it, the better. Instead of "links", i'd use the word "comments" and have it linked directly and specifically to the comment forum. If there are other links, then I'd use the words "other links".