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I hope we see his flaws because his role in NMTD was basically musical guide and one of the group. Ben, Bea and Pedro were all brilliantly developed with flaws and yet also loveable so I really want Balthy to have the same now.

One of my big hopes for LLL is Onygul gb unir fbzrubj oebxr Crqeb'f urneg naq gung'f jul 'Crgre' jrag sbe guvf gbgny ervairagvba bs punenpgre. Vg jbhyq tvir Onygul fbzr synjf naq n tbbq bccbeghavgl sbe qrirybczrag.

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Reuben has a really unique voice I love it! I love sigh not so and an ode (which makes me sad right now!) I really want some character development for balthy which I'm pretty optimistic we will get.

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Lrnu V gehyl oryvrir gurl ner tbaan trg gbtrgure ntnva. Gurz orvat unccl naq n pbhcyr jbhyq or gbb rnfl naq gurl arrq gb chg hf guebhtu uryy svefg yby. :Q Un gurl ernyyl jrag sbe gung xvff vg jnf gehyl frpbaq unaq rzoneenffvat gb jngpu, cbbe Ora naq Serqqvr! ;) Onygul vf nqbenoyr nf rire.
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Fur’f onfvpnyyl zr va sebag bs n pnzren unun.

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To get back to your original post I entirely agree. I never thought I would like webseries but NMTD was so good.

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Did you see the first video yet?
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Has anyone here watched the YouTube webseries Nothing Much to Do? It's a Modern Much Ado set in New Zealand and it's pretty amazing. Anyway the first video of sequel Lovely Little Losers (Loves Labours Lost) is out in a few days and I'm really excited! :D

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Ooh, I like that idea that Rick was out in the army but couldn't be at home because of his dad. Aw, poor guy. :(

Whole show spoilers: Tbggn or ubarfg V'ir nyjnlf orra zber nggnpurq gb gur Era/Evpx fgbel guna Xvrera/Fvzba fgbel. V yvxr Fvzba jryy rabhtu *, ohg Xvrera naq Evpx whfg znqr zr fb rzbgvbany gur svefg gvzr V jngpurq vg, un V qb ybir natfg.

* abg n sna bs Rzzrgg Fpnayna gubhtu, fb rira zl yvxvat Fvzba ng nyy vf fhcevfvat. V perqvg Qbz Zvgpuryy sbe znxvat uvz fhpu n jryy jevggra punenpgre.

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We definitely need to do that!

I'll start it this weekend, I have my induction week for my Nursing course this week and it's fairly full on so I won't get around to it until then, but fanfic has always been a good way to relax. Thanks! :)

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I'm just really disappointed. I've used tumblr savior to block TW from Tumblr for awhile until I stop resenting the show.

I really enjoyed this season, Scott had such a good storyline but this was so underwhelming conclusion! He was barely in it! So I'm gutted really, I wasn't even this gutted after 3B because I disliked that all season, but I liked this season a lot so I had raised expectations... :(

I'm sick of Stiles, I'm sick of all the Stilinski scenes and how few scenes we get of Melissa and Scott. I hate that Derek had that full wolf moment, it made no sense at all! I hated that they didn't have Scott train Liam and it was Stiles and Derek. I'm so disappointed, blah.

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My main opinion of episode was too much Stiles and not enough Scott. Not even my love of Stalia could make all the Stiles okay...