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I highly recommend this, too, and it is definitely not only for role players. I only have the most basic idea about roleplaying games, and still I find most of it immensely funny.

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Can somebody please explain to me why exactly that farewell between Elrond and Arwen had to happen? Rot13'd for possible appendix spoilers.

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I feel like I am missing an important point there, but what is it?

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Like Amortentia, isn't it? I thought so, too :-)

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That is interesting ... to me, like to Merry, mountains are beautiful things, but definitely something foreign, and I am certain that I'd have a hard time feeling really at home in a mountainous landscape. I grew up in a surrounding which is called the *lower* rhine area for a reason ... Mountains are fine for holidays, but I tend to get completely disorientated around them. To me, it is just normal to be able to look for miles in any direction and to go there in a straight line, without having to curve around a mountain or to climb across one or whatever.

I used to live in a hilly region for a few years (though to me it seemed like high mountain range) and I never got used to it. When I visited my hometown after the first few months, I went on train to another city and I enjoyed it so much that the train just went straight for a whole hour, while at my new home, the railways were constantly meandering around some mountains and I was thoroughly annoyed by it.

It's so intriguing that people do feel this exactly the other way round.

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I just read this review for the third time and I am still laughing so hard.

But ... I hope the Zombies won't rid anything of the servants of _Gondor_, right?

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Hehe, you're right, and I had completely forgotten about the other person you mentioned possibly being a similar case in this respect (and I hope this is cryptic enough because I can't rot13 at the moment)

Anyway, plenty of things to look forward to!

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Is ist strange that I somehow wished Mark to dislike Gollum whfg orpnhfr V jnagrq uvz gb jvfu gung Tbyyhz jbhyq QVR VA NYY GUR SVERF naq gura ynhtuvat zl nff bss ng n pregnva yngre puncgre?

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Hehe, but that is also an advantage of Europe; you'll probably live near a border and have the chance to get stuff cheaper in a neighboring country. I live in Germany and only ever buy razor blades in the Netherlands because of that. Granted, it's a bit easier to get razor blades across a border than kitchens, but still ;-)

Your kitchen looks great, and I think the price would not be much different here. I paid half as much, but it doesn't go around the corner, it's just everything in line and rather little space for countertops (and no dishwasher and microwave, and the oven lacks some functions it normally should have). Still, I was very excited about my first kitchen ;-)

Anyway, good luck for the refurbishment!