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Hey idiot. Do you know how to read? No. You are illiterate.

You wrote that you know who i am and intend to hang me. What part of your own words do you deny? Tell me how that has anything to do with the topic. You are a lying hypocrite reddit dropout. I could care less about copy/paste. You think everyone is as stupid as you? What about that C word you called me yesterday? Simple stupid lying troll and that's all you really are. Sexually deviant proven. Made sexual advances to a teenager, proven. Constantly using gutteral language, politely asked to stop. all proven. Claimed you were a disabled vet, now you claim you are in the military, a liar and a poser, all proven. Now you threaten to hang me.

WHY SHOULD I BELIEVE ANYTHING YOU HAVE TO SAY? You are a fake, a liar, and a troll. Better watch out?
Back it up? "We" have it in writing? You and who else? your hand? Now you think people are so stupid they forget even two comments ago?

What an idiot you are.

And now you are bluffing about murdering people. Come get me, liar. You are so pathetic your mother probably vomits when you call. Oh i forgot, you refuse to read facts. Derp.

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That bright blob in the photo is caused by a dust particle drifting in front of the LASCO camera for the duration of the 21-second exposure and reflecting sunlight onto the CCD. Exposures like these typically happen a few times per year. Here is an excellent example from 2005: Here is a more recent example from only a few days ago:

Were one to contact the SOHO mission team at ESA or NASA directly, they would get confirmation of the same. It’s a well-documented phenomena.

And so it's fairly obvious that AK is trying to get people to believe this "Sphere Radiance" has some legitimacy by using an image already well known to have flaws. Either that, or NASA has been involved in the trading of human DNA to "fourth dimension" extra-terrestrials that reside in an "off world" sphere the size of a dust particle. hmmm... wonder which one it is. . .

AK is obviously trying to distance himself from Heather Jarraf. What should anyone expect from a liar like him? It certainly appears he is after the spotlight again and jumping on the new bogus James Goode bandwagon.

Regarding Heather Jarraf, anyone that claims she was a fraud is a liar themselves. Anyone that would like to contest that statement i just made can post a receipt of money they sent for whatever service they contend she offered. Facts are facts. Heather made a legal protest against the banking system and the jackals looking to fleece the public declared her their saint, misconstrued practically every last thing she ever said, and then hung her out to dry after they were finished spitting on her. With friends like that, Heather would have probably done better taking the bankers she hurt to court. But AK is certainly great at gossip and finger pointing. How many bankers was it AK? uhm... two? three? How soon you think people forget.

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Your remark is a personal attack to murder somebody.

Beyond being an illiterate liar that you are, beyond being the sexual deviant that you are, beyond the foul language that you spew like vomit, beyond impersonating a disabled vet, beyond all of that, besides all of your sock-puppet games you brought here from reddit, now you even break enerchi's OLD rules.

Go figure that.

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@ggigglez: meh. Waste of time. He actually believes half the crap he writes.

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@ggigglez: Why waste your time? This guy claimed he was a disabled vet earlier. Now he claims he is in the military. This guy tells you to bring him something, then he tells you what he wanted you to bring. This is the same guy that claimed to be taken aboard an E.T. craft and have traumatic things happen to him. The same guy that offers to meet young ladies at his "farm". Same guy that pretends he has expert knowledge in hacking, then gets upset when his bluff is called. Same guy that literally dared me to make a blog, so i did. Later he dares me to commit suicide. Like i said, why waste your time? Closet? You got that one right. He's either got more skeletons in his closet than will fit or is looking for company with his lies. In either case, what skills do you possess to mend his psychologically disturbed mind? I mean.. you know... without using drugs . . .

So, to put it simply, this guy is attempting to talk about "artificial" intelligence. See the problem there? Thought so.

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Hey, you know, they have a right to fleece the public for money just like any other science-fiction outlet. The two things that make what they do wrong, besides the outright plagiarism, is they claim it's fact and are doing it purposely to disarm the gullible public.

The actual scenario goes something like this: An actual event occurs where the USA population is attacked on USA soil. The troops are already in position because the USA military is logistically smart, capable, and deployed ( re: Jade Helm ). Regardless of where the attack takes place, people are ordered to evacuate, the buses and trains are sent in, and a huge number of people think it's a martial law takeover or E.T. whatever nightmare or FEMA camp NWO conspiracy and they refuse to comply, end up dead from radiation and/or chemical effects, and cause a lot of innocent people to die right along with them. Cool, huh.

Yeah, just remember that were anything that this James Goode actually revealing true, then he would be a traitor to his country for revealing it. And yet... he lives... telling his delusional tales instead of swinging from a tree... that is.. you know, what is done with traitors.

But back to your regularly scheduled Giam TV propaganda. . . who knows... if you think i would spend a dime on having my computer embedded with GiamTV cookies, you have a lot to learn. Your milage may vary, and is up to you.

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Hey Cuzz, poke the messenger and forget the message. Like all Folk know what the pitchfork means, doncha know.

. . .could even label it and it would go ZIIIIIINNNNG right over . . .

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Best part of this video is the "laughtrack". It is purposely put into the shows the video copied the source material from.

[youtube jH8dejYGa5A youtube]

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LOOK! OMG! IT IS POSSIBLE TO PUT JAMES GOODE ON A VIDEO! Now i can pat myself on the back and say i told you so to myself. WOOT!

Okay, Corey... now lift your arms and let's see that blue ball . . .
Yus... you have the brick wall there and everything... let's see it waft on into the room, and poof! Zoom you go on out right through that wall...

You've done it so many times already. . . according to you. . .