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I'm so glad I resisted every call to make an additional donation to the Conservative Party. I won't be making any more in the future.

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The Maybot, like Brown, thinks DETAIL is a winner. It isn't .... an ability to "talk human" is the winner and Corbyn will win that hands-down.

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The "debate" is pointless.

In the red corner, we have: Treason May - advocating "leaving" the EU but staying in the Customs Union until the EU graciously permits us to leave .... ie never, or when they have milked us for every penny and every trade advantage they can.

In the blue corner, we have: Commie Corbyn - advocating "leaving" the EU but staying in the Customs Union in perpetuity so the EU can milk us for every penny and every trade advantage they can.

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The BBC won't lose its institutional left-wing bias until it is forced to compete on a level playing field with other broadcasters. That means removing the Licence Fee Poll Tax which cushions it from any accountability to its viewers/listeners.
Cameron had the opportunity to do that, but Lib-Con that he was, instead he feather-bedded the Corporation for another decade and put in place "Wet" Lord Patten to ensure the "liberal" bias continued.

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Sad to see Liam Fox supporting Treason May's Surrender Agreement. As he knows very well - since Trump spelled it out for him - keeping us in the/a Customs Union will prevent an ambitious Trade Treaty with the USA, and other major economies.

I'm sick of being lied to by the mendacious, self-serving members of the Government.

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It isn't really. It's a Liberal-Conservative one.

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The Remainers don't seem to have any concern about the long-term consequences for our Shamocracy. Their imperative is to BREMAIN and as far as they're concerned, the ends justifies the means.

They are creating the conditions for what will basically be a (non-violent) civil war.

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As a former Diplomat in the FCO, Stewart is a fully-signed-up Remoaner.

Sadly disappointed with him; he had the ability to go far in the Conservative Party, but he's wrecked his chances with his support for this disgraceful Surrender Document.

He should have a chat with Johnny Mercer on the subject of respecting Democracy and REPRESENTING your Constituents.

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As far as the debate is concerned:

In the red corner, we have Treason May proposing: BREMAIN .... giving the EU the ability to keep us in the Customs Union and probably the Single Market (following Lidington's contribution yesterday) in perpetuity;

In the blue corner, we have Commie Corbyn proposing: BREMAIN .... telling the EU we will voluntarily stay in the Customs Union and Single Market in perpetuity.

Yes .... a "debate" is vital.

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Yes, I don't doubt we are being played.

The dire threats that will be coming our way in the next couple of weeks aren't intended to persuade the population: they're aimed at Parliament and intended to scare the bejesus out of rebellious MPs and give them a way out to explain their volte face to their furious constituents:

"I know the EU have forced a bad deal onto our gallant Prime Minister, but the consequences of voting against this deal are so appalling I cannot, in all conscience, do it. Reluctantly, I must accept that this is the best deal we can get which respects the result of the Referendum."

We must make it clear to our MPs that backing down and supporting this disgraceful Surrender will result in them being an ex-MP at the first opportunity.

The Establishment won't dare allow the British people another vote because they strongly suspect we'd vote LEAVE again.