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Why can't they learn writing, spelling, literacy, and communication skills the old fashioned way - with books, paper, and face to face commmunication?

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Why would a kid need a cell phone? For emergency purposes, perhaps, but where is a child going that there will not be an adult with a phone or an office type phone?

There is probably a lot of peer pressure for kids to have the latest phone/electronic gadget, but perhaps this is an opportunity to teach children that it is okay to be a little different, to not have everything that other kids seem to have.

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Try Amazon. I looked up "needle clipper device".$3.66 (plus shipping, etc I suppose) for something that will hold 1,000 needles. Looks like a good solution to the problem...I suppose those using drugs illegally are the ones causing the problems for the recycle workers, though.

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Of course it's all about the money. It's a business, after all.

The same is true with any other consumer product - clothes, cars - whatever. As soon as something hits the market, it is old and therefore *must* be replaced!

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Hmm. I didn't see anything in the news report that said this victim is poor and has been working hard to support her family. We don't know why this woman was out walking in/near a park in the middle of the night - unless you know something not included in the article? But in MOST cases, that kind of necessity - walking by yourself in a bad area at a bad time - can be avoided.

At any rate - what happened here as described in this news report isn't right. It isn't nice, it isn't ideal. But it *happens*.

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But - it's reality. The bad guys do dictate when and where I walk. I don't see it as a horrible thing - it's common sense. I don't walk by myself after the sun goes down. Some parks I don't walk in when I'm by myself. I try to avoid driving late at night because of the drunks. Usually you do have a choice - even if it's a job related thing, a coworker might be able to see that you get home safely, or a family member/neighbor might come and get you.

What happened isn't *right*, but we still have a personal responsibility to make safe choices.

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Do waffles count? I used to get the best Belgian Waffles at a restaurant at the Seattle Center. Of course, that was years ago, and I suppose they've upscaled that place away (must be the Whole Waffle Effect? :-P )

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Too bad there isn't some kind of prison boot camp. Make them exercise all day, like in the military but without the guns. Require them to keep military discipline - military style bunks, keep their uniforms starched and perfect - might teach them a bit about being a disciplined man.

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Too bad McSchwinn has connections to this group - being the mayor to the cyclists and all. Even though the STP sounds like fun, McSchwinn has made it leave a bad taste in my mouth.

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Isn't that why she's called "Senator Can't Vote Well"? ;-)