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I greatly enjoy the culture on this site - (it was a discord server for an unrelated series that I got the spoiler from. It's just a reality of a lot of places that that's how people tend to be. I hadn't actually even realized SU was coming out still - mostly because I hadn't started it yet. But it is what it was and I still really enjoyed the show!)

I like that Mark can come join the discussions as he goes, and we can all enjoy giggling, and theorizing among ourselves with Rot13. it lets people who DO want to avoid spoilers do so, and people who have seen it or don't care make that choice for themselves.

I really like the opt in approach - you can't unread something you've read. But you can read with *care* and maybe avoid things you'd prefer to wait to see and experience for yourselves you know?

This is still the first time I've really been able to interact with a currently running show here, and I'm always worrying I'll have forgotten some detail that hadn't happened yet, or not Rot13 something.

It's more fun being able to actually discuss stuff *with* mark instead of just making him have to come around after all the fun's done for a series he's also enjoying I think. He should get just as much enjoyment out of the process as we do IMO!

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Whoa this episode was a big one for me. Before I'd ever gotten to see a single episode of Steven Universe, I'd learned that he would shatter Jasper sometime somewhen near the very end. So I had that hanging over me looming, with the 'how? WHY? When?' (Your blog shaped the way I try to be careful about spoiling people, and I try t help share the 'what counts as a spoiler' whenever I can because stuff like this has happened even when I'm careful -_-) I wish everyone held a similar care level as you and all your readers when it comes to spoilers or even just 'what is an expectation spoiler' but that's a different conversation entirely I guess.

I think it was his tears that helped it work. He's brought back a human with them after all. Between the essences and his tears healing her - he was able to ressurect her just like Lars.

You can see a broken horn, and a gap between the stripe across her eyes now.

Got a bit busy but I've been reading every new episode post, and watching all but the last few video commissions.

Thank you for going on this journey with all of us!

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I have to say, having seen the post about Bazie I was worried about you watching more SU. Associations to series can be so strong, and so memorable.

I definitely hoped watching more would be a good experience and not a heartbreaking one.

I'm so glad to know that the themesong change has helped! I'd also completely forgotten about the extra Rose Quartzes - like probably mostly everyone, so it was great to see what actually happened to them!

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You know, I know it wouldn't *quite* count as a mark watches, but maybe if you ever have time or the inclination you could do just a special bonus 'Mark Revisits' for Gravity Falls? If I remember seeing somewhere you've seen some so it can't quite count (hopefully you got to finish the whole thing!) If you haven't seen it all it would be worth a watch but if it can't quite count that's fair as well. I have seen one person who saw it when they were young going through it with fresh eyes and it's just as much of a joy as if she was going in knowing nothing. As long as everyone knows what they're getting into I think it would still be quite loved :D But not quite a mark Watches.

I'm just happy to see what you end up seeing ^o^ I know I, and I'm sure a few others would love to commission an ep or three of that show and would enjoy you getting to have seen the whole story.

Still such wholesome and great suggestions (you've already done a ton of favs like Princess Tutu, and such so)

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^o^ I'm so excited to actually be ON TIME for once! I'd read through all of the SU and Movie posts (and comments) and all the Rot13 but you can't really respond years late. I've been excited for this since I realized you had Future confirmed on the list.

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Ah thanks. And wow it's so odd to remember seeing your Icon and name through so many watches and only just now actually reply to you!

I splurged on getting a link for the movie, and put the rest up in the black market, to celebrate actually being on time for once (and cause I bet old fans coming back for Future will be super excited for the chance to see that if they missed out. And I'm benefiting from you guys having the links up. Can't always do a lot but I hope even a little bit helps!

Ah Mark pretty much set the tone for my own spoiler policies talking with friends, and loving having Rot13 as an option. It's so wonderful.

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Steven Universe ~ The Movie
Since Mark's doing SU:F I figure this way I can support him a little (thank you everyone with links for the Future episodes)
And give back for people who maybe missed the movie reactions. Hope this helps someone! Thanks for so many years of Mark Does stuff and encouraging such a warm community (even though I rarely actually post I've been reading past stuff for ages. Anyways The SU movie! (for anyone not caught up the movie takes place *after* Season 5, but before Future. (Don't want anyone spoiling themselves if they hadn't realized) Hopefully I did this right, this is my first time downloading *or* posting (since I'm usually years late to the party)

Steven Universe ~The Movie~ (just the movie)

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I am so excited for SU;F - I never get to be part of your stuff like, when it happens! I love going back and I absolutely go read all the comments and Rot13 and stuff from years past but actually catching something as you're watching? *that I know?!* I'm so excited. Been following mark does stuff for years now and I'm just so ^o^ (words fail me) I hope you enjoy the shows, and I hope you are at least getting to enjoy having snow!

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I know that this is ages later but Binging with Babish actually did both the bagel and the fries!

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Mark I just have to take a moment to say to both you, and to everyone here, that it's a pleasure to have been able to read all of these: On here and also Mark Watches. A friend used to mention this site, and your read throughs (is throughs a word? I'll use it) and that's part of what got me (and her insistence that I needed to read all of Tamra Pierce's works and then the fanfiction Fallen which I can't thank her enough for) But the sheer journey that I've been able to witness has been an amazing thing, and I've never taken the moment to say anything.

Partly because I always seem to find your most amazing read throughs long after they've been completed. I wonder if there is anyone around to comment to since it has been YEARS since you've all read it with each other, and I'm excited by the idea of finally going through a series with you all.

I enjoyed seeing your journey through Harry Potter, through The Hobbit, through Avatar, Supernatural Most amazingly Princess tutu, and Cowboy Bebop together and how I wish I could have been around to add to the conversations then.

Most hard hitting was just going through His Dark Materials, partly because of how much of an impact they had on me, and to see others read them, and how much of an effect those books have... A decade later and the feelings were still intense. Also the brand new thoughts and ways of looking at things I never might have had if not for you and your wonderful community here...

I just wanted to say a public thank you here, and I look forward to finally actually being brave enough to post things (because I tend to just read and not write things, which is something I'm working to change within myself)