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As far as I'm concerned, she's canon because Meghan said that Equestria Girls DID happen. She only reaffirmed us it wouldn't be referenced in season four. I find it important to note that at no point did the makers restrict their options for any *future* seasons - Sunset Shimmer could make a comeback in season five and it would completely in keeping with everything they've said!

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I've read it a couple of times (and wrote it), so I'm biased obviously - I don't think it delivers enough of the [Sad] fix. Sunset Shimmer is too defiant and headstrong to really get down with the wallowing in whatever it is ponies are supposed to wallow in.

I know I've specifically sought out [Sad]fics before looking for a specific experience, and I don't think this story delivers it. I didn't want any false advertisement going on.

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I've always figured that the portal is open longer than we see and Sunset Shimmer infiltrated the palace at an earlier date and got herself up to speed on current events. She learnt about Twilight's ascension in the process and found out she was in the area - and of course got ripshit pissed at her for getting everything she had wanted.

Luckily, that plot hole is all Equestria Girls and therefore not my responsibility! (Author here - remembered to login finally)

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Is it just me or is Prophecize an absolutely horrid card? Why is it Mythic rare? What am I missing?

EDIT: I'm guessing that expensive sorceries rely on the Adept ability to be effective, but as far as I can tell Adept does not reduce colorless costs. Even at 3 colorless, Prophecize seems just prohibitively slow and expensive. If you could search the entire library at least...

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Yes. I have zero expectations. Also, I can't actually watch it in a theater, being in Germany; I'll wait for a Youtube release like all the other bronies who pretend they're not going to see it at all.

We all know that the more something is hyped, the worse is going to be. Equestria Girls is getting the mother of all anti-hype - so by logic, it should be amazing.

Even if it's a train wreck, those can be fun to watch, too. And finally, I'll just have to say this: I'll devour anything with even a shred of pony to tide me over until the winter. So long to wait, so very long...

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Season One: Green Isn't Your Color. All conflict derives ultimately from a misunderstanding between Fluttershy and Rarity, which both acknowledges their faults and their good qualities. Rarity is jealous, but she doesn't let her jealousy overtake her. Fluttershy is timid and wants to do good by everyone, but is still capable of underhanded tactics... I don't know if it's just me who looks at the episode that way, but to me it's one of the season one episodes that shows off the most character depth and development. It's just a smart episode. It's also really, really funny.

Season Two: Putting Your Hoof Down. It's really hard to decide between this one and Hurricane Fluttershy, but I think I just have to give this one the nod just because it dealt with something that's both close to reality and unsettling: The tendency of some people who feel attacked to retaliate by saying the most hurtful possible thing they can think of, without regard for whether it's something they actually think or is fair to say. Even someone as kind as Fluttershy can become cruel and abusive when her emotions take control. It's an amazing lesson for an episode on a show about friendship, because "things that cannot be unsaid" can and often do break up friendships in the real worlds - and not even just for kids, for adults, too. It's important to see that people who say cruel things in anger are sometimes just as horrified at themselves afterwards as the targets of their abuse. Their worth lies in how they deal with it afterwards. Fluttershy apologized and vowed not to let it happen again, and like Pinkie Pie and Rarity we can accept that apology and trust in her resolve. If someone routinely acts out in anger and refuses to show remorse for it later, that person IS abusive.

Season Three: Keep Calm and Flutter On. This one is just a masterpiece. Watching Fluttershy grow angrier and angrier as the plot rolls on, and her friends pressure her to give up on Discord and their task, and Discord constantly disappointing the trust she puts in him, and still sticking to what she realizes is the only way to complete Celestia's task... A powerful message on the value of freedom - you cannot be at the same time someone's jailer and their friend - and it's just one of the many delectable things about the episode. I could gush about it for hours. Its only weak point is Twilight's disturbing willingness to use a "redemption spell". I mean, what the hell, princess-to-be?

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I really feel for you, because I think the show has become a sort of anchor for me as well and I identify with Twilight the most of all. I actually didn't sleep the night Alicorn Twilight was revealed two months ago. I became fine with it pretty quickly because I realized that exteriors don't make a person. When I would get worried, I kept reminding myself of how Twilight herself reacted to the change: "Is there a book about being a Princess I should read?" - to me that line says everything. She's still herself - and I would actually say that the wings or the Princess' crown aren't the new things from that episode that are going to define her character development - the MOST important change by far she has gone through is that she is no longer Celestia's student. That's the thing that actually happened; the wings and the crown are just decoration. And that's something that was ALWAYS gonna happen.

Now, about your idea of writing a story to deal with the entire thing. I don't want to instill false hopes or anything by saying this - that's precisely what I ended up doing, and it helped me put my own spin on things to make them make sense. For instance, to me the purpose of Twilight growing wings wasn't to make her better, more perfect or anything - quite the opposite: it was to show her how IMPERFECT she is. Just like she's completely new at flying and using wings, she is completely new at the Princess thing, and she has to learn both from scratch, and NOT expect herself to be good at being a Princess right away. I hope I'm making sense. Linking it here just in case you want to see:

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I don't kick myself for being the way I am anymore.

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I liked it. Yes, it was much slower paced than any FiM episode we've ever seen. As far as that goes, it's one of a kind.

Like a snowflake.

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I've been to two Burger Kings and both sold them separately for 2,10 € a pop, so no need to buy kids menus!

Unfortunately, only Pinkie Pie, Twilight and Fluttershy are available right now. I'm pretty sure they'll switch to the other three before long, but you need to get those three bought before then!