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I'm glad that she (and her fellow victims) are being honoured and remembered.

Ps: Isn't it honour, with a u?
It would be a bit crappy if there would be a spellings mistake.

Eitherway, I'm sad that there were people who had to die before others would finally wake up. But I'm glad that she has an important place in history now.

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Islamsterdam is a good one too and it's already true in some areas.

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Only when I'm on crack. Is that weird though?

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I don't know I made myself crystal clear so I will rephrase it =P

I, as an atheist, feel instulted too by what some people say or do. But that doesn't mean I go around killing people just because I got my feelings hurt.

Maybe that's a bit more clear. And no, nowhere in the quran it says that if you blow yourself up you will receive 72 virgins in paradise. =P It mearly says 'to slay and be slain', no blowing up specifically. But you can use blowing yourself up to slay and be slain ofcourse. xD

Silly boys, those muslims =P

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"Barack Obama's global popularity is not evident in Pakistan, and America's image remains as tarnished in that country as it was in the Bush years." Don't be surprised, muslims don't like black people, even if they are muslim. Just go on hadj to Mecca and you will see black muslims segregated from the arab muslims, because black people are considered dirt in their falafel.

But maybe, just maybe, the youth has the future, just like in Iran. For instance, one of the most popular tv programs in Pakistan, is a sort of an Oprah show, hosted by a transvestite =P
30 milion viewers people!

I usually don't trust polls, but if you look at the backcountries, those people trully seem crazy. So I wouldn't be surprised when a high number of people think that stoning people is a normal thing to do.

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"We support Osama bin Laden, we shall carry out his command in Nigeria until the country is totally Islamised which is according to the wish of Allah."

If allah is all wise, all knowing, can do all things, is great, sexy, handsome amd created all things. Then why couldn't he just create only muslims? Why going through all this trouble?
Yes, that dessert prophet was a smart man by creating surahs saying that allah wants his followers to do the dirty work for him (actually for muhammed himself).

And all the other points make them just sound like very fun people.

It's unbelievable that the Western politicians are still blind for this. When a group of people say they respect and allign with al qaida, then you should know that they are insane and should be stopped.

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It's funny how everytime they will threaten you with death if you do not accept that islam means peace. Maybe they should re-open a dictionairy and look up the words peace and peaceful, because I don't think they quiet yet grasp the definition completely...

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Considering that mohammed can be spelt as mohamed, mohhamed, mohammed, mohhammed, muhamed, muhammed, muhhamed, muhhammed. If you would consided all the different spellings as 1 name, then you would be in for a shock.

Yes, I am proud of my country!

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Offff... That is what they say in the Netherlands aswel, why the moroccan youth are so out of control. It is because of discrimination from our part, or because of feeling ostrasized or something. It's always somebody else's fault, never their's. Just because their imam's are preaching hatred against the non muslims and saying that they are the worst of all creature is irrelevant ofcourse. It's because they got their feelings hurt...
I feel insulted often too, but that doesn't make me go and blow stuff up!

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I reckon the Whahabi's in Saudi Arabia would disagree and have him stoned for blasphemi