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Love these! I will definitely be checking out all the cosplay posts!

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EXACTLY! Hast hit on it! That's just what I thought.

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Yeah, but I think that the culture there has ponies be mature faster. Our culture used to have people be mature adults by the time they were 13. I think that in the pony culture, they would have to be mature "young adults" like that by 13. Do you get what I'm saying?

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I don't think that this song is 1000 years after, it sounds like it might be as little as 10 years to 10 months after the banishment. If the sisters loved each other as much as they did (and they did). Celestia must have gone through the stages of grief just like anypony. She blames herself, not because she truly was at fault, but because she felt she could have done more. Any victim will blame themself for the person they loved becoming a villain; it's part of how the victim mentality works. They tell themself that they deserve the treatment by some extension or the other when, in fact, they don't. By the time Celestia and Luna met up again, Celestia had realized that it wasn't her fault at all, and thus the absence of apology. The Luna-love/Celestia-blame is similar to the Loki-love/Thor or Odin-blame. NOBODY/PONY is perfect, we make mistakes, but YOU are responsible for your own actions, and you HAVE NO RIGHT to blame your bad behavior on someone else's mistakes. Celestia reallized this and forgave herself of her small mistakes, Celestia did not kill or attempt to kill innocent ponies, Luna did. Luna was the one who needed to publicly apologize. If Celestia apologized, I think that it was probably in private where it needed to be, and a long length of time after the Nightmare Moon. Bullies don't need to feel justified.

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Or, possibly, Celestia and Luna were young princesses and Luna was banished and Celestia made herself either immortal or frozen in time, just like her sister so that she could see her again and pick up where they left off. If so, it would make more sense that she's searching for a replacement. If she elongated her life just for Luna, then she must feel that her reign is unnaturally long and be looking for someone extremely worthy to replace her. If she elongated her life, she might see herself as selfish (even though she's the best at what she does). I believe that Celestia is the supreme boss, and practically perfect. She's the best ruler of Equestria and best fitted to rule it. She also has feelings, however, and those feelings make her feel tired of ruling and desirous of giving the ponies a new ruler that she thinks will be more humble and fitted for the task. (Celestia is awesome, long live the princess!)

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I don't care much for Rarity... She always thinks of herself first, even if she's doing something generous for somepony.

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Agreed. She's awesome!

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Aw! I want this picture! It's so cute!

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A blogger and cartoonist I was following kept posting little bits about or of it. "Pinkie and the Brain", for example. He didn't overload me, but at a certain point I thought, "Ok, what is this girly thing?" And I watched it. And watched it... and watched it... and I haven't been able to stop...