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Comixology sent me an email last week saying it would be available Today along side the latest Friends Forever. They lied. 1 of 2 isn't bad, since the Fluttershy/AJ issue is good ... but I want my Holiday Pony.

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Anyone else find it odd that the whole plot of the episode was about how the Rainboom gave them all their cutie marks and defined their futures, and the episodes were called "Cutie RE-MARK" ... yet, in all futures, NOPONYS cutie marks were different at all?

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Well ... since the Mirror to Human world, where Christmas IS known and celebrated is canon, it technically Could be.

This reminds me of the Muppets Christmas Special, where Kermit learned a Fraggle holiday tradition and song.

"Pass it Oooonn ... Pass it Ooonnn ... Wish Upoooon ... all the Good things that you do ..."

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Pumpkin and Pound are Adorable. <3

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I'm so sad that I will not be able to be on the livestream of this episode to watch the madness unfold and the comment boxes explode. During that part of my morning, I will be buying a new/used car, so I will need to avoid spoilers and watch the uploaded version asap, alone ... which just isn't as fun.

At least I got to be there for last week and freak out with everypony else for the CMCs musical episode and big moment, to type "Iiits haaaappenniiiiing ..." in the comments like the predictable mindless sheep I am.

Never before in my life has watching new episodes of a show been such an enthisiastic and social event as FIM has been these past 5 years.

I love you guys and gals so much. Having so many peers to just break down into a fit of giggles, or parrot lines from a recent episode as the latest meme, or otherwise just be dorks with me about this silly show we all love is a highlight of my week every time I get a chance to do it.

You Rock.

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What will we all do if the secret that "Pinkie Knows" is not what popular opinion thinks it will be?

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I have nothing but disagreement with your opinion.

The last two Musical Episodes "Magical Mystery Cure" and "Pinkie Pride" were two of my favorite episodes Ever, and were widely well received to my recollection.

I can't fathom how anyone could be a fan of MLP while hating every time they sing, yet Every livestream I see someone in the chat window complaining about the ponies singing again. The Music is a tentpole of the series, and none of the songs in this episode made me cringe once. I guess all I can say is that I'm sorry you don't enjoy one of the best parts of MLP. At least that suggests that the rest of the series content, between songs, is good enough in your eyes to still love it in spite of the music (which I LOVE, 92% of the time, even if you don't).

If you re-watch every episode with DT and SS together from S1 to S5, discontentment from Silver Spoon has been gradually building over time. I have been noticing it, and felt this was not at all a "Where did that come from?" moment at all, but instead a "It's about time" moment. ... but if you didn't see it, it must have not been so clear for everyone.

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Congratulations Cutie Mark Crusaders!!! Woo!!

Now ... I'm sure many will be mad about this, because some just don't like change ... but this is actually really cool, and opens up interesting new possibilities for future CMC episodes in S6 and beyond.

Like the Rainboom that ties all the Mane Six together, the Cutie Mark Crusaders are now PROFESSIONAL Cutie Mark Crusaders. They are a Team for LIFE ... and now the Real Fun can begin.

Up until now, the longer it took for them to find their talents, the more pathetic and inept they looked. Eventually, as the episode intro illustrated, they run out of things to try. However, now they can continue searching for special talents ... but help a completely new pony find THEIR special talent every time. Technically, now there can be as many unique CMC episodes as their are conceivable "Special Talents" for young ponies to find. ... or even older ponies that already have their cutie marks, but don't understand them, like Diamond Tiarra or Trouble Shoes.

I think all their marks fit too. Apple Bloom is an Apple ... Duh. Sweetie is a Music Note ... also Duh. And Scootaloo is a Lightning Bolt, just like her hero Rainbow Dash.

As far as I'm concerned, all is right with the world.

I look forward to seeing what CMC-inc's first client is going to be. Pipsqueak Maybe? Or Button Mash? ... most likely a completely new character or two, created specifically to make for an entertaining episode.

Once Again ... Hooray and Congratulations for the CMC's.

In spite of being fictional characters, after watching them grow up for the past 5 years, I can't help but feel happy for them.

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I greatly disagree. The Pony comics are done by artists and writers whom have already shown a variety of art and writing styles, as there are multiple teams. There have already been eqg special comics, and the style suited the material perfectly. I was suggesting that should continue.

I also disagree with the Magical Girl, anime style show (SLOU???). That would suggest MORE action. That is the opposite of what it should be. Everyone thought FIM was going to be like that after the opening with Nightmare Moon and the Elements of Harmony, like a Pony Sailor Moon. ... but if that was what we got in season 1, instead of slumber parties, traveling magicians, cutie mark flashbacks and Grand Galloping Galas ... the fandom would not exist. It would just be a show only little girls watch, like WINX, or Disney Fairies.

Every EQG movie so far has been like FIM if only the season Openers and Finales existed, but none of the series defining silliness in-between. The action episodes only work when paired with a whole season of calmer stories and silliness. I think the suplementary shorts are a better example of what EQG should be moving forward. Character interaction and a song. They could still have an arc and a magical climax .. but "Magical Girl" just says "Monster of the week" to me, and IMHO, three Equestrians going Demon in the Human world in a row has driven that into the ground already. I'd like to see them find more creative uses for their equestrian magic than just rainbow blasting MORE demons, again and again and again.

... been there ... done that ... got the T Shirt.

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I thought EQG was the worst possible idea at first, but the movies were just good enough to warm me up to accepting them.

That said ... the fate of the world has been at stake 3 consecutive times in what seems like the span of only two school years at most.

I am okay with EQG continuing to exist ... but NO MORE 70-90 minute movies.

I think the series should just become a series of comics and 11 minute short stories (pairable as 22 minute TV specials if they want to air them) from now on, like the shorts teasing the second two movies.

The continuing adventures of the Equestria Girls ... released in 6 episode packs once a year on DVD, and with broadcast premiers of two shorts as a TV special 3 times a year.

I think that format would much better tell the stories of Seven High School girls (and friends) going forward than any more movies.

Then again ... the quality of the actual dolls in stores is so poor that unless Hasbro redesigns them, I wonder if the side brand is even worth continuing to promote.