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it dd because ponyville was design WITH it. THIS atrocity is a slapped on tacky toy designed NOT by dhx but the toy department which apparently can´t either design well OR do not care about good design and just make it easy to press in the plastic printer. this is why i hate hasbro: they always go the easy to make = shitty quality route. bronies excuse this as competition to mattel for some reason. but think about it is a soup box kart a competiton to a an actual car? NO so isn´t hasbro to mattel. another stupid thing hasbro does is not willing to share cuts. instead giving lego the license to do transformers stuff, which would btw result in some transformable lego technic pieces that would be fun to build an play (and most important sold in masses), they rather use their own shitty lego knock off brand of building plastic and make figuring of the transformers. yes transformers intransformable figurines,. Nice job hasbro.

the toy department here jsut literaly took the fucking chrystal empire assets and slapped it together, creating a monster not fitting into the masterfully crafted balanced ponyville,
questions are, WHY did had to be a completly new entity of building? why couldn´t the fucking box just regrow the three into a castle form? WHY was there adeus ex machina castle in the first place ? we have the castle ruins allready WHICH THE MANE SIX WANTED TO RESTORE BTW.
also it doesn´t even fit in other aspects. twilight tree house was warm had smooth edges was welcoming a home to stay.
the interior we saw was underground doungen like, cold sharp cutting edges, not a welcoming place to live.
also the three house was iconic to the ponyville picture and it jsut got erased to sell a shitty pile of plastic.

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call an ambulance. instant loss of gallons of blood and jizz

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none because the song in itself wasn´t good

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how despereta emust broneis bee to dedicated a news post on facial expressions alone?

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season three when the show went into the gutter

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YES im the stinker with the most pessimistic view on this whole frnachise and i have to admit: with this final i was only to 5% right. because the excuse at the beginning saying that ponies didn´t cared for twilight in manehatten ebcause she was princess of "nothing" is a last secound excuse.


the rest of the episode.......
seriously did mccarthy did this on purpose? did she purposely wrote mediocure or right out bad stuff (EQG) jsut to blow my freakin mind with this one?
the songs where jsut enough to keep a good pacing (MMC 2.0 avoided) the action was so awesome i question hasbro CnD of fighting is magic now (seriously with that final HOW can hasbro keep the excuse up to say it to violent for their IP)
EVEN THE CLIMAX MADE SENSE this is is how you pay of a build up!!!!!! not with an unexspected spiek episode but with and actual pay off to the theme through out the season.

you hear from me guys the one that usual disses the later seaosn: THIS FINAL WAS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. mccarthy STAY on this path, make mroe good one like this and I probably drop my constant pessimism about you.

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also not everyone reads any little detail upcoming to an episode. also its bullshit to say it sais in the synpsis. it has to work in the media in itself. if we could explain everyand excuse everything without of media sources then there would be no bad movie not bad book. the show in itself has to work, if you need a synopsis or a statement by the writer or aynthign else that isn´t a story telling media, then you failed your job as writer. JK rowling for exsample knew except for details what would happen at the end of harry potter, the important thing were build up and payed off in the end. that neville will play a roll killing voldemort (since he could have been on harrys palce) and anything else.
this show didn´t knew, and it shows.
also it doesn´t have to be about fairness and such but think of why people go to the olympics not jsut medals but also jsut to be there and show your best.
the mane 6 could helped athlets to over come different obsteals , like stage fright, or a poisonous rivaliry, or lightning dusts false hatred towrds rainbow dash due to the event in the wonderbolt academy. Or something that threatens theentire of the event as a whole.
while spikes "arc" could be in a braod sense seen in that scenario, it still isn´t exclusive to it. it could have jsut been a chrystal empire ceremony or aynthing else, it didn´t had to be the games,.

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uhm dude read the script. thats not jsut a joke thats actually happening.

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well i build up games sports an national event reference a real life event that is about fairness and union of nations in a sports activity. lets make a remake of an episode instead.
im notsaying a spike episode is bad a normal perosn doesn´t exspet a spike episode for an episode hyped for the event in itself. i mean at one point they should have thought; hm the whole scenario we jsut made up could also be done without the games. i mean it could have even been somewierd ceremonial thing of the crystal empire that requires the latest and greatest hero to participate.

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hold the phone around 13.10-13.15 she said she has a plan but doens´t know how it plays out. I think she MEANT that has no clue how people will react to it, but the way she worded it sounded more like : yeah we build thigns up but have actually no idea of that episode what it should be until its about to be written,
AND THAT really fits into this unsastifying equestria games build up. they build it up and jsut then when they about to make that episode they relized they didn´t had anything worthy of that build up.