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Hi R101!I am glad that you are still watching (via RSS I suppose).

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I think one of the major issues here is the "open arms amnesty" style policies we have in place. We are one of the only countries that just send you back with no punishment. China tries and executes you as a spy for one example. We have always been a country of immigrants as long as we were an industrial and agricultural based economy because we could always use more workers.

The main problem in this new system of "service and consumer" based economy is that instead of producing items to sell, we buy and sell debt in the form of currency, services, and retail debt. Essentially we are selling our lifespans so we can exist in our own pathways. When we get more people into a debt based society that don't pay in as well, then we have more debt out than debt to sell. Which leaves us overextending the debt we owe. Essentially they take more debt than we can back with our own debt, throwing things out of balance. When illegals get state assistance it cuts funding from legals and makes it to where the legals can't pay debt generated by the illegals which continue the viscous cycle.

If instead we gave them no funding it would only serve to increase mafia connections in the area because they speak a common language and can fund things in their own sub-economy. In turn this stimulates the "above-ground" economy because of the debt they will start to pay in to. What they may not pay in federal taxes, they will in sales taxes, gas taxes, and others.

Honestly I think we waste more in chasing them and paying for processing and shipping them back than in actually having them here. I think if we were to strip our border patrol (which each member gets a $1,500 uniform allowance, all benefits, and at the lowest grade make $26,000 a month whereas even our military guys only make $17,000 on average and have to pay for most of their insurance and don't generally get a uniform allowance.) and replace it with our national guard then we could eliminate 1.7 billion dollars of our debt alone while still supporting our troops and at no extra cost to our tax dollars. Isn't that part of what our "National Guard" supposed to do? Guard our Nation from foreign invasion?

All we have to to is when they come over illegally, indenture the for 10 years in a production facility and with good behavior they can earn their citizenship. On the southern border alone, every year there are approximately 1.2 million apprehensions. Think about that 1.2 million people can produce every year for the first ten years. We could have our industry boom, they can have their way to become citizens. Everyone wins, and on top of it we have a new chance to become an economic powerhouse again because we could produce enough to be self-sufficient and be competitive with China but with good ole American Work Quality.

Each time we send one back it costs us $12,500. Which means sending our average crossings back 15 billion every year and many people are doing this WITHOUT frequent flyer miles but still come back next year... or sooner... to maintain a prisoner is 540k average and with healthcare in prison 821 million dollars a year in California alone we have a lot we could cut from their budget. If we housed and fed according to Vietnam era military standards and cut "prison healthcare" which if you ask me is totally unnecessary. (If they get the plague it's because they didn't scrub.) We spend more money in criminal justice than education, health, or public assistance. Think about if we directed that kind of spending to our future in alternative energy and clean recycling facilities to cut half of our resource demand.

Just food for thought...

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Honestly I was half expecting kaboom... an earth-shattering kaboom.... with such a ripe opportunity I figured there would be extremists all over that.

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Please tell me you the crew has heard of this "Constitution Free Zone"

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I provided the names above, are you looking for direct links?

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I wasn't saying that littering is evil, it royally sucks balls.... but it's not evil...

I was saying that it is evil to know what the right thing is, and to refuse to do it or to abide by someones decision to perform evil acts.

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Just was trying to make sure I didn't break any of the ships rules.

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He was, but he was reported to having been in US custody before it had happened... if the MP's, JTF, or the SF had him, how did the mob get him?

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Captain I would like to nominate Mountain Mist Bottled Water Co. for boycott in Washington for the transgression of conspiracy against the common health of the people. There are toxins in the plastic bottles that are KNOWN to cause Alzheimer's, Manic Depression, leak estrogen, and carcinogenics. Yet the material is chosen in a manner to save them money. The cost of bottled water is higher than gasoline per equal unit, and these charlatans and murderers can only think of their profit margins. Due to the fact it is bottled water, there is no real regulation against any treatment and chemicals that go into the water as a means of preserving and "spreading" the water.

Also according to some reports, these bottled water companies are beginning to put in lithium to the water to "help with suicide rates" in the country. IT IS A MIND ALTERING DRUG TO MAKE US DOCILE! I has been used by the KGB, CIA, and the Nazis as a tool of interrogation, and is still in use today as a suppression agent in prisons. These people are dangerous to the common health of our fellow man and should be stopped.

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Who all is on boycott here in Washington?