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Only 10 Lyras in hoodies? Needs more Background Pony Lyra

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All this AJ... I approve!

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I've been waiting two years for this... Side story to The Sisters Doo? Yes, please!

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Yeah. Come on Seth. Please? I would really appreciate things like that to be tagged, if they're going to be in the drawfriend at all.

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From the sound of it, Seth is far crazier than I ever imagined. I'm really enjoying these interviews, Ferret! It's difficult for me to keep up with everything on EQD, but these are great.

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Stir crazy and stuck in a hotel with nothing to do for a month. At that point my mind was open to just about anything. That's how I watched the first several episodes back in early 2011. First two episodes were meh, but somehow I fell in love at the third. Fluttershy said the words "buzzards that really buzz!" and boom. Brony. I still don't understand it...

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You're welcome. Now you HAVE to buy it :D

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I may not have been with this since the beginning, but it was pretty close. Highly recommended fic. Congrats to TheGreyPotter on finishing it!

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic; Season 5 Episode 1: Return of Lord Smooze

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Dang it. Believe it or not, I'm one of those bronies living in Japan. This would be absolutely amazing, except for the fact that I'm moving to the U.S. in a month. It's like this is here to spite me... But I do look forward to the possibility of more bronies.