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What happened to Bojo's mojo?

I know he always had that waffly style but it used to work like a charm. Now it just seems mildly embarrassing.

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Brexit = Break with Rome is an interesting comparison.

The original 7 EEC members certainly did appear to be a bit too Catholic for some, especially that Adenauer chap. But enough of this talk, it discombobulates the Moggite wing.

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Indeed. Is this what passes for policy research these days? God help us.

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"Vorsprung durch Technik, Rodders"

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This won't be popular on here either. I apologise in advance. Look the Conservative Party have sold off or abolished a whole lot of stuff that embedded the language of "Britain" in our national life, British Rail, British Telecom, British Gas, all to be broken up, asset stripped, and flogged off. The British Broadcasting Corporation is next up in many comments on here.
As a moderate whose head is not turned by Faragist flag waving, I regret this. And one can't help notice that other successful economies nurture their national institutions more dearly (Deutsche Bahn etc).
When we took the Boris Brexit chalice, we did so with reckless disregard for the UK national ties that are now fraying. How did we lose the ability or even desire to achieve national consensus?

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This won't be popular on here but you could argue that Labour were the only 'British' party at the last election. The Scottish and Welsh Nats weren't obvs,, the Northern Irish parties exist in their own system, the Tories have become an English nationalist project obsessed with a Brexit which threatens the Union as never before.

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Interesting comparison with the Crusader states. There may be lessons there for those trying to prop up an implanted western client state in the region?

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Ok Mick, how democratic do you think Israeli occupation looks from the West Bank? Let's acknowledge the reality of Israel's control over millions of Palestinians who do not enjoy any of the rights you and I would consider 'democratic'. Israel has to choose between extending full rights to them in a one state solution or continuing down the apartheid route.

Of course Israel could conform to international law, and withdraw from the Occupied Territories in a two state solution. This 1967 borders version of Israel would be more 'Jewish' in character, though I doubt they would extend the right of return to the Palestinians kicked out over the last 70 years.

I get your disdain for the Islamic states of the region, but fear that Israel is becoming no better.

p.s. I always preferred Giant Haystacks.

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Not everyone is as easily or willingly fooled as you, Mr Gurd.

Israel's problems remain the same. It can be a Jewish state or a democracy, but it can't be both. Attempting to square this circle through the Bantustanisation of Palestine is particularly unpleasant to observe.

Israel is the region's undeclared nuclear power in violation of international non-proliferation treaties. Destabilising?

Israel is the occupying power in violation of UN242.

Still, go ahead and blame the victims, if it makes you feel better.

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So we're supposed to believe that the virus and 'cynical campaigners' are a bigger threat to the Union than Brexit? Hmmmm.