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What Totally shocked to see this.

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Huge social media fail on Kenneth Cole's part. I couldn't believe it when I saw that tweet. Seriously. Obviously didn't think that one through.

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Their clothes used to be pretty cute. They've just been the same old, boring styles and colors for the longest time now. I buy stuff for my kid every now and then (but usually on the sale rack), but can't seem to find a thing I'd personally wear.

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So absolutely horrible. Rest in peace, Jayme. And I will pray for peace and healing for your family and friends who continue to suffer and mourn, knowing your death was preventable.

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You are such a beautiful, inspiration. Thank you for being such a strong woman to share your story with us.

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All along the story of the attack didn't seem right. And it seemed like she wanted to give her name even though the media said they don't give out victims names. It's like she wanted to keep talking about it. Obviously someone reaching out for attention in such the wrong way. I hope she gets help.

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It's so hard to keep our children safe. It just goes to show you never know who's around your kids. The school did a background check, but these guys who haven't been caught are so good at hiding it. Makes you wanna lock your kid up. Or send them out with a baseball bat and instruct them what to do if someone tries to touch them inappropriately (a joke, of course. I doubt my first grader can even hold a Little Slugger).

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I wish the pic would be in the story, so I don't have to see it every time I scan the sites stories.

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The SUV sped off? Man up already and take responsibility for your actions. I really hope the injury to the victims isn't too serious and they recover soon.