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I have never read Frankenstein. I think maybe for me there is a fine line. I mean, I let my kids read many of the classics that talk about witches and spells. Some people would think this is wrong. However, I always feel if good vs. evil is shown in the proper lights, that there is something to be said for it. However, I refuse to be sucked into those vampire Twilight books. First of all, not huge on stupid love stories and secondly, vampires are not my thing. So for me, there is a line. I do not think a person should be judged by a book or music or movies even. I think that you really have to know the person before making any kind of judgment, if at all. I have some friends who say they are Christians, but then they are way too into worldly things. I hardly ever hear them talk about God at all. I think I am more judgmental of people like that who don't hardly breath the word "God" than someone like you who obviously loves God. I just think that its unfair to judge someone like that. I would have probably felt like you did. Sorry you had a bad experience. Gotta share the love, so ((HUGS))

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I'm suffering with you Zee. Maybe not in the same way, but still. Hope you feel better and I hope next week brings us to a place of contentment. I'm feeling stretched and pulled and anxious myself!

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I can somewhat relate to this post. I often times do not say things in meetings or groups even though what I have to say is good. I don't know if I think I sound holier than thou, but I think what I have to say is stupid. Later on though, I realize it was not stupid at all. I know one time we had a disagreement in a Bible study because one lady said it was totally ok to watch rated R movies. I wasn't trying to be legalistic, but I said "where does the verse about only thinking about what is pure, what is good, and holy come into play then?" I just wanted her to think about that because apparently she only watched Rated R movies. She stopped talking then kind of got upset at me. I wasn't trying to be holier than thou, but apparently I came across that way. Maybe she went home and thought about it. I don't know. (Please don't hear me say that movies are bad. I just was proving a point that we need to think about what the Bible says about things, not just what we want to do all the time). Anyway, so I can relate with you. Most of the time I do not speak up for fear of what I say coming across the wrong way or I will sound like an idiot or be wrong.

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Beautiful post Zee. Sometimes (actually quite a bit) I feel like a misfit. I wonder why. It's just as simple as you say: this is not our home. I will probably always feel like I am out of it or don't fit in. Great points!

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LOL. I'm actually pretty conservative. I don't like loud music in church or beating on drums or whatever...but, I would never complain if they did play it. I just probably wouldn't sing. Not because I didn't want to worship God but because that kind of music affects me. I would never say it was wrong to play it in church, I just personally wouldn't go to a church that does. I think God can be worshipped in many ways, but I find it hard to worship God with rock music. That's my personal take though, and doesn't at all reflect how a church can worship God. So I see both sides of it, but still feel its wrong to be so judgmental about music. And I agree...choosing to look for good things is hard, but you are right...God puts up with our little tantrums and still loves us too.

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I struggle with that idea of choosing. I guess we all have choices, but I sometimes think when you have so much anger and stuff built up, it is 100 times worse to make a good choice. I feel that way anyway. It's easy for me to do the right thing when it comes to appearances -- be kind, look the part, don't smoke, blah blah blah...but when it comes down to heart issues, I fail big time.

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Thanks Shan. I agree it is difficult. I guess I talk about that stuff too much...but it bugs me so much!

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My mom told me the only way she could tell me and my sister apart as babies was because my sister had a birthmark. I can't imagine why people would dress up their twins the same when it is already so hard to tell them apart!

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I don't know why I am getting spam. I never had it this bad until like a week ago. It really sucks. I'll try that out though...otherwise I'm going to have to start moderating comments which I really despise.

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You rock Zee! I love your input and I can too relate to what you are saying. And pat answers are dumb. They are for lazy people who do not want to think of a caring thought or be silent so they spit out some "Christian saying" and feel better they did the deed. I hate them. I try to avoid them at all costs and cringe when others give me pat answers. I can tolerate them more now because I know most of the time the person is just having a hard time helping...but still feel they are horrible ways to respond.