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Yes, that can happen...what I recommend is that people focus on clearing their own individual energy issues rather than get bogged down in clearing stuff for their loved ones or planetary patterns. as we each clear our own stuff and raise our vibration, we can positively impact the vibration frequency of hundreds of thousands of people on the planet. By trying to 'clear the collective pattern' it gets people bogged down in the dense energies and keeps them stuck in the muck. Focusing on clearing the stuff as it applies to you raises your vibration frequency, which can automatically clear other things, continuing to raise your vibration and getting you above the pattern. It's well meaning to want to help by volunteering to clear it, but ineffective... Imagine it like this, if someone is stuck in a hole and you are out of it, you can give them a ladder or a rope so they can climb out, but if you stay stuck in the hole, then you can't help them use the 'ropes and ladders' of the tools to get yourself out of the block and you will then be able to help others out of the block too.

Ask yourself, 'Is all of this mine? Or did I take on some of societies, my families, the collective consciousness stuff around this too? If you did, then you can clear and transmute the stuff that isn't yours in an instant by the realization 'this isn't mine, I can let it go' and choosing that.

Think about it...we are supposedly in some of the hardest economic times in recent memory, yet corporate profits, executive incomes and more are higher than ever...I know loads of people who are doing better financially than they ever have, just regular people who have separated themselves from the collective fear and poverty consciousness.

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Shared this on my FB page for more people to benefit...thanks for sharing with us!


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Now you all get why I didn't release all the modules at once? ...haha
Yes, some of these really do take some time to process...I want the most powerful and profound shifts for you and I love that you get it and give yourself the time and attention this process needs to work for you.

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The clearing and information still works even if you are asleep...sometimes our conscious mind needs to get out of the way so we can get the full benefit and sometimes what is being said is something that we are not ready for.

Going back to previous sessions for a couple days and working with those and then doing clearing statements around 'Everything in the way of me freely, openly and fully hearing what is being said in module 4...delete and transmute'

Some people find it helpful after a few times of struggling with this to take written notes, pausing the audio every few minutes and relistening to what was just said...tedious and boring, but treating it like a mental task like you would a complicated chemistry or mathematical lecture sometimes helps bypass the 'holy moly, this is some scary stuff' reaction that can cause folks to space out.

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With an active community supporting each other I don't need to add my '2-cents' as allows space for building a deeper connection within the community (so you know you are not alone in your process) and the chance for each person to step forward and support others (we can deepen our learning by helping facilitate others....often we will come to new realizations about our own process by answering someone elses questions because we are not in the middle of it)

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Intention - 'My intention is to go to the gym 3x a week'
Clearing Statement - 'Everything in the way of me working out at the gym at least 3x/ week...delete, deStory and transmute'
Affirmation - 'I am enthusiastically working out at the gym at least 3x/ week or more'

Any clearing statements that come up for you during the program (you feel it when we come up), say those as often as possible. Some people make a list of all the ones that strike them and then pull from them as situations present and others just pick 5-10 each day to work with, repeating dozens of times a day (helps to reprogram your thought patterns).

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Hi Jacki. Congrats on the movement forward! Perhaps you may find some additional helpful resources through posting 'Free Stuff' ads on or if there is a local penny saver or even asking local religious organizations to post a notice on their announcements boards the items you have available and their condition with contact email to set up arrangements for someone to come get what they are needing (let them know about the 3rd floor walk up).

Sometimes Charities do have limits on what they do (liability rules etc) that can be over come by connecting direct to the source. Always use common sense and discretion when posting things, like not putting your address on the posting, having someone there with you if need be when someone comes to pick things up...whatever you need to take care of yourself.

You might also be able to make arrangements with a local religious organization or community youth group organization to get a small group to come and put things out on the curb for the charities to come pick up (or anyone else that has need of it).

Lastly, some thrift stores are charity run, but not all. If you contact some of the for profit ones, they may be more likely to come pick up the furniture as free = more $ for them.

Blessings, Christie

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Modules are released every 4-7 days to ensure sufficient time to process and integrate the information and clearing.

You've only actually been working with the material for less than 4 full days really do need the time to integrate the material. One of the biggest self-sabotages people do is to rush through a program and not actually do the process and allow the shift time and space to happen, then they get frustrated when it "doesn't work".

So check back in a few days and until then keep listening to the clearings and integrating the work into your daily life.

All modules will be released in less than after purchase.


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You guys should be proud of yourself!!! You see the potential, you don't quit (love it) and you know what it takes to change things!! You guys are amazing!!!

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People are sharing lots of exciting and amazing things this week - it's been getting really hard to pick winners each week because you guys are manifesting so many awesome things!

Here's a little sample of what we have have coming up tonight:

I have an update on Desiree, I don’t know if you remember, but earlier in the journey, she manifested several small door prizes in the early weeks, as well as a part time job making $40 dollars an hour. Well, her manifesting is still paying off. She also told us about her ex-husband who she was trying to “release,” well he recently sent her some paperwork for a loan deferment on a car loan that she is a co-signer on. It’s not the first time it’s happened and it upsets her every time. So, she started using the secret abundance formula to ask for her ex to trade the car
in on a new car, releasing her from the loan. Well, less than 72 hours later, he called and told her he had traded the car in on a new car and she no longer had to worry about the loan!!

Wow! Between the extra income she’s brought in with her part time job, and being released from this $8,500 dollars car loan, she’s manifest $18,500 bucks since starting her unlimited abundance journey!! That’s great!

Jeanne shared with me how her life has changed since beginning her journey… and it includes some massive manifestations!
1. In the beginning of July she discovered a $3,500 dollar check that one of her clients had sent her back in April. She’s very particular about record keeping, so this was an unexpected surprise!
2. Also at the beginning of July Jeanne set an intention to make more than $20,000 dollars for the month. And at the end of the month she had $22,000 dollars in billings and said it was a great feeling!
3. In August she used the secret formula to ask for a more positive relationship with her mother, she then cleared a lot of issues that came up concerning her relationship with her mom, and she says things have been significantly better between them ever since!
4. She is now taking action on her plan to manifest $236 million by the end of August!
Wow, good luck Jeanne and let us know how it goes!

I want you to all to know that I am working hard to get to each of your inspiring stories and emails, and if you have some really great stuff that I don't get to include in today's session, don't worry, I will get to read them, there are just so many that it is taking me some time.

I can't wait for today's session and for you to hear about what's been happening for people, like how Teresa manifested a savings of $8400 on her mortgage for the coming year!

Talk with you soon!