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You can't "choose" to be a homeopath any more than you can "choose" to be a heteropath. Why won't they understand?

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Which is why they are so purple-faced and fidgety when she arrives late.

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But but she defends their right to be jerks. There's that.

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Presidential candidate Jimmy Carter gave Americans a glimpse of the casual approach he threatened to take on his first diplomatic appearance as President of the United States at the Court of St. James'. They didn't believe him.

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Now see, why didn't some cop car drive up, hit the breaks and open fire two seconds later, killing her? Must be because she clearly wasn't a child.

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Wait, there are altar girls now? Shee-it, where do I re-up? The Church has obviously gotten over it's stupid "no females beyond the railing" BS and they can be priests et cetera, pax domini, amen.

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The one thing that apparently could get through smoke and fire and Jell-o: The Spanish fly bit. Ho ho ho.

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The sounds of sodomy can't be much worse than the sounds of drunken domestic violence that the little moppets have to listen to all the time. Pfft.

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You think I'm going to read all those comments up there to see if this point has already been made before I make it now? Pfft.

Please note that the Seventh Day Adventist dietary recommendations quoted in the article don't include any dairy products. Sounds kinda veganish to me.