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So what I've gathered from the comments is that the only reason men used to write diaries is so when they died, people would know about all the sexing they did. Yet Casanova gets all the dang credit.

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Oh, that book was about how cool the devil isn't? That makes a lot more sense, church-wise. I thought it was about an industrious chap who made the most of a bad situation after realizing the poorest free person has it better than the most pampered slave. I may have read Ayn Rand's version.

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also, was about to ask about the reprise, then read the tags. Well played.

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All I have in this world is two things:
1) The lyrics to this entire album memorized.

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That second-to-last bit was meant to be read in Stephen Fry's voice, right?

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I don't think "Just own it" = "So long as I am appreciative of the attention." Owning what you wear means quite simply that when you put on your outfit, you are committed to accepting a certain type and level of attention. If you don't want that type of attention, don't wear those clothes. You should feel absolutely free to leave the house in nothing but a bikini (which, let's be honest, is probably more revealing than all but the raunchiest lingerie), but if you look good in that bikini, you shouldn't leave the house in it if you're not prepared for men and women to check you out.

On a slightly unrelated note, I'm personally of the opinion that God doesn't care even a little bit about body glitter- as a man who is very, very heterosexual and a huge fan of all things my wife's body, I'm unclear as to how glitter in any way increases sex appeal. Something shiny might get my attention, because I'm ADHD like that, but shiny woman does not necessarily mean attractive woman.Wearing body glitter is not like wearing lingerie- it's more like wearing an obscenely large hat, or one of those flashing glow stick crowns; sure, it increases the attention you get, but it does so because it's noticeably different, not because it's a blatant display of sexuality. If you're going to be noticeably different, you're going to get noticed. If you don't want to get noticed, dress in a way that will blend in. That goes for glitter, makeup, outfit, jewelry, or that pair of black and white saddle shoes I own that make all the little old ladies swoon.

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If the 'ha! you can look...' is a reference to glitter boobs lady, I agree. But the tangent here was exclusively about 'dressing modestly.' I can honestly say as a heterosexual male that I have never in my life seen an item of women's wear, up to and including total nudity, which could seriously be compared to such an action. If that is the message you get when a woman wears a low cut top or accessorizes with body glitter, I would humbly suggest that the problem is with you, not her outfit.

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Also, if we're going to follow this analogy, it would be wrong for me to eat dessert in public, for fear that someone on a diet might see me. The ice cream man is the low-carb equivalent of a pimp... it goes on and on. There is a HUGE difference between inviting someone to your house, knowing their weakness, and choosing to tempt them on the one hand, and simply doing as you choose (be that dessert or glitter) and someone else reacting poorly.

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Not for nothin' but... you believe God created male and female in a certain way, and your 12 children have followed suit. I'm not sure this claim proves anything other than that you have raised your children in a manner which enforces what you believe. Our experiences are VERY different- most of my female friends, including my wife, are every bit as visually oriented as I am, if not moreso. In fact, on the average day I would say I hear more remarks from women about the physical characteristics of men than the other way around. Any policy on modesty has to go both ways- there is no Divine double standard.

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Yup. And the women I know who consider body glitter to be just another form of makeup... they're just trying to catch a fella. There is no possible alternative explanation. Couldn't possibly be that they just like the way glitter looks, or that they're trying to emulate their favorite singer, or that they and their friends just decided to wear glitter for the sake of wearing glitter. It must be a calculated effort to get a man.