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Naw, he's just listening for the punch line.

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Earmarks are a function of Senators , who rep their state in the US congress

It's pork barrel spending that is the evil- when spending is added to bills without being debated or known what the spending is for

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I want freedom froom atheism, . Someone should sue to have atheist symbols removed

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There is a reason why our Creator is designated as the giver of our rights . It puts our rights out of the reach of humans who would attempt to reason them away.

If rights come from man , then they can be taken away, altered, reduced.

It does not matter if you believe in God or not, your rights will be taken , along with the faithfuls, if God is removed from the picture
In fact, it's these Godly given rights, that allow atheists to vocalize their disagreement.

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The notion of "rights" based on your sexual desires is utterly idiotic ,

Marriage itself , does not bring special treatment for any adult, It benefits only one group, .......children. It insures they have a legal and responsible father BEFORE they are born.. .

In the gay mafia world, adults garner "human rights" from what turns them on, and children have no right of a support from the man that created them .

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Legal marriage is a necessary function of the government . It binds the husband to the future children born to the wife All children born during the marriage are automaticallly the legal responsiblity of the husband, This insures a legal recourse for the mother and the state to force dead beat dads to pony up support
Legal marriage protects future children from fatherlessness
NO rights are received by the couple, they both take on responbility , not "rights"when they marry.

Homosexual couples do not need marriage , society does not need them to marry, They can never have children together, It's physically impossible

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Legal marriage is a necessary action that protects the rights of a large group.............the future children that are produced from heterosexual relations.
The only rights garnered in legal marriage are the ones children recieve in the way of paternal support
In your idiotic libertarian version of the world, every mother would have no legal recourse to force the fathers of their children to pony of support

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The notion that rights are garnered from your sexual desires is idiotic and doesn't stand up to reason.

Knowing that is not how clear thinking persons in the US differ from Libyans.

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The Democrats voilated minimum wage law if they only got 60 dollars for the whole day

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It's not even minimum wage